Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You for Restoring Love: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

This weekend was incredible.  Words written over the internet cannot do it justice.  Thank you.

I drove up from Austin in a rental car on Thursday afternoon.  Considering what others did to get there, I'm not complaining (although I DID sleep in the car Thursday night).  God made this trip happen, I'm convinced of that....Glory to Him in all things!

Thank you to Freedomworks, and Matt Kibbe (who I met entering Cowboy Stadium), for a spectacular event Thursday night.  It's hard to know where to begin, but John Fund and the Five Steps to Repeal Obamacare were, by far, the two most important speakers for people who were not there to see.  After those two, the other speakers will all phenomenal, although Dana Loesch, C.L. Bryant, and Rand Paul deserve special mention.  Your own speech, Glenn, was goober-tastic.  Thank you also to Bennie Johnson of the Blaze and Stephen Kruiser for helping me find my lost cell phone after the event.

Unfortunately, urgent personal business (ie. not sleeping in the car a second night), made it impossible for me to attend the service project.  IT'S KILLING ME, so I'm helping a friend move tonight after Real News.  Congratulations on the event's success.

Thank you to James Robison and Highpoint Church for Under God: Indivisible on Friday.  It was the most spiritually mind-blowing event I've ever attended.  It also connected the spiritual with the earthly in clear and tangible ways; prayer moves Heaven, voting moves Earth.  I wish they had posted videos from the event online, but the speakers were fantastic, with David Barton, Jim Barlow, and (of course) John Hagee meriting specific mention.  Glenn, I echo your call to make the leaders of the world "pee their pants."

Then there's Saturday, which words cannot describe.  I cannot believe you got the Valley Forge surgeon's log that was, literally, soaked in the blood of Patriots.  From the historical artifacts, to the artists, to the fact that Stu didn't ruin everything despite being on stage close to ten minutes, well done all around.  My personal highlight was an incautious double entendre I made to Congressman Louie Gohmert about Janet Napoletano.  Thank you to everyone at Mercury One, especially Joe Kerry and the volunteers, for your hard work; it paid off.

Thank you to GBTV for placing Erick Stakelbeck in a location where I could finally meet him face to face.  A comment he made on GBTV several months ago was instrumental in a spiritual decision I made shortly thereafter.  I'm going to send a message to you through him VERY soon; Glenn, I pray you listen.

Finally, above ALL others, I want to give thanks to God, because His hand was guiding this weekend.  I could cite numerous examples, but the funniest happened Thurday night.  I was running late to FreePAC when I managed to drive through rush hour in downtown Dallas without traffic (then found an open parking spot), arriving at 6:15.  Now THAT'S a miracle!!!  Glory to God!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Words cannot do this event justice, you had to be there.  I was.  When we look back on this era, a few phrases will stand out.  The Barack Obama era has been the era of I WILL NOT COMPLY.  America's future is the era of I WAS THERE!!!

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX U.S.A.
July 30, 2012


  1. Adam has it right. I met him at FreePac but didn't know I would be echoing his thoughts. I, too, believe that God was extremely active in Dallas this weekend. I rented a car, but forgot my GPS so had to rely on maps I had printed out before flying in from Nevada. I was by myself and, I must say that driving alone, in a big city I had never visited, at night, trying to read printed out directions, was pretty unnerving. I often prayed for God to show me the way - and he did EVERY time.

    Thank you, Glenn for three days of energizing and inspiring events. I'm glad to be home and am praying for guidance to get my neighborhood, church and town energized.

    T. Cotham
    Gardnerville, NV


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