Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Apostle Claver: Lessons for Conservatives from Cyprus

Apostle Claver of Raging Elephants has a must read piece on the gut check needed before the coming global economic cluster[REDACTED]; money quote:
But, we discover the lesson for conservatives.  It’s the belief system of European, American, and global socialist.  They believe money – all of it – is theirs!  You have what little capital you have through their benevolence and permit.  And, at anytime that they deem it needed for the “good of the state”, they will confiscate it by their governing power and the point of a firearm. The state, and its ferocious appetite for capital and spending, outweighs the need of any individual, or the regard for whatever level of labor individuals have exerted to garner their individual capital.  It’s by permit of the government that you have the right to labor for sustenance and, god forbid, wealth. (Yes, I did not capitalize “god”. For their god is not the Christ.)

Truly conservative public servants should have the exact opposite psychology.  Their first recognition is that the money belongs to the individual person.  Their governing philosophy should reflect an absolute respect for individual capital possession and that it’s the government that needs permission from the electorate to possess a single red cent from the private domain!

Any elected officer without this fundamental governing philosophy firmly entrenched in their soul cannot call themselves a conservative.  Therefore, there are many that have placed their hand upon the Bible to take the oath of office that falsely claim the label conservative.  Many have infiltrated the Republican Party for political expedience and practice their craft freely in Austin and as a requirement to do so in Washington, Devil City.  As for Democrats they were born out of the spirit of theft.
Read the whole thing here.

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