Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Governor Perry and the Tenth Amendment: Re-Loading His Magazine

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution states:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
Over the past century, Washignton D.C. has steadily encroached upon the powers reserved to the states under the Tenth Amendment.  This is a trend that long predates Barack Obama that has, nevertheless, accelerated dramatically since Barack Obama took office. As the Obama administration has systematically encroached upon state authority, they have specifically targeted Texas, for example our efforts to develop energy, maintain clean elections, and educate our children.

Today, I had the honor of sitting in on a conference call with Governor Rick Perry where he discussed the Obama administration's latest assault on Texas Law and Texas Voters, as expressed by the 82nd Texas Legislature.  In the 2011 session, our legislature passed a law prohibiting taxpayer dollars from going to abortionists.  Earlier this year, consistent with Texas Law, Governor Perry directed our state government to stop directing Medicaid money to Planned Parenthood.  As a result, the Obama administration has pulled a substantial portion of Texas' Medicaid Funding.

As Governor Perry stated on the call, it is an outrage that Washington D.C. can forcibly confiscate our own money from us (ie. taxes) then hold our own money hostage unless we agree to the strings they attach on it; as Governor Perry said: "Mr. President, there are enumerated powers in that constitution."

The good news, for this specific program, is that Texas' conservative budgeting over the past decade will allow us to continue the program even without the Federal Money.  Even better, by cutting big and bureaucratic Planned Parenthood out of the mix, Texas will actually be able to operate the program far more efficiently than it was run before.

The really exciting thing, however, was what Governor Perry said when I asked him about the future of the plan he introduced on the campaign trail to Uproot and Overhaul Washington D.C.  As I have said for months, Uproot and Overhaul is the long-term solution to EVERY Federal Encroachment on the states over the past 100 years.  Governor Perry's message was clear: Over the next few months, he's going to launch a MAJOR national effort to identify and elect candidates to the U.S. House and Senate who want restore the Tenth Amendment and support Uproot and Overhaul.  I know I've spoken to one such U.S. Senate Candidate here in Texas.  This seems similar to efforts from Freedomworks and Senator Jim DeMint.

As Governor Perry said: "I haven't left the fight; I came home and re-loaded my magazine."


  1. I truly like the isea of Uproot and Overhaul. Will it ever happen? I think forceful succession from the Union would stand a better chance of ever happeing in my lifetime.


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