Friday, July 12, 2013

Pro-Abortion Left's Valiant Stand for ... Tampons?!?

About an hour and fifteen minutes ago (6:25 pm CDT) the pro-abortion mob re-assembled in the Texas Capitol rotunda. They were chanting about tampons. Seriously:

Of course, when those mean old Republicans are trying to take away your tampons, there's only ONE response...TAMPON TRAMPOLINE!!!

Or tampoline?!?

Cahnman's Musings urges readers to pray for these morons poor lost souls.

Update: A friend snapped this picture of the pro-abortion people handing out tampons to the crowd:



  1. I witnessed the woman in the picture above outside the senate chamber doors on the 3rd floor of the capitol building.

    A line of pro-abortion and pro-life people were in a roped off line waiting for an opening so they could enter the Senate balcony.

    This woman walked up and down the line of people offering tampons to the people. I quickly counted about 10 children in the line. Most people ignored the offer of a tampon. This must of spurred her on because when she reached the back part of the line she pushed her basket into the personal space of a young father holding a young child. The man pushed the basket back and said, "Get that out of here." The screams came immediately as the basket tipped and tampons fell to the floor. The tampon woman yelled, "Assault." Law enforcement did not respond quickly enough so she yelled again and several DPS stepped forward. I heard her rendition about the incident and watched to see what would happen. The woman stepped back via the directives of DPS. The young father put down his son and picked up the tampons and put them back in the basket and then picked his son up again.

    *I forgot to tell you that the tampon woman had her own personal video-grapher following her around.

    Several news reporters gathered around the woman and she gave her story, none of which I could hear from across the room. But that was important because I took into account only her body language and her facial expressions. I would not care to have that demeanor around my children either.

    Her companion turned back to the father and walked across the room and started snapping pictures of this father with three children. Right or wrong, I stepped up and said that for her to air, publish or distribute the likeness of these children without a release would be, as I understand it, a legal question. I repeated that statement twice and the woman looked at me surprised as she turned away.

    One of the main chants heard at the capitol from the pro-abortion group was" Whose choice? My choice! Whose choice? My Choice! Over and over and over. But that small incident with the tampon woman that I witnessed made it very clear. Choices are the important vehicle of freedom..... but when your choice limits and curbs the freedom of others, it loses its major elevate liberty. She assaulted that young father and worse than that, she modeled rudeness and self-centeredness for those children. She modeled physical aggression over dialogue. She modeled tattling. She modeled self-importance over common courtesy.

    Frankly I am getting tired of hearing about tampons, on television and in the state capitol.

    Texans are acquainted with high standards, let's use them.

    Ms. Mac

  2. I think the tampon thing falls under "Liberty". I'll look that up though, hold on.

  3. yeah, you're probably not going to like this. Urrgh. :-(


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