Saturday, September 29, 2018

#atxcountil, #TribFest18: Chutzpah, thy name is Adler....

"The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor,
But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered."
Proverbs 11:9

This morning, on a TribFest panel related to urban issues, Mayor Adler said the legislature needs to "focus on the basics."

He should know.

Consider the following:
  • Banning BBQ
  • Uber
  • Short Term rentals
  • "Sick leave" entitlements
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Convention center expansion.
What do all those things have in common?!?

None of them are related to core functions of city government.

Bottom Line: The city of Austin ought to remove the plank from its own eye before complaining about the specks in the eye of the legislature....

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