Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Ft. Worth Star Telegrams APPALLING Water Carrying for the Baylor Coaching Staff

Then he called his servant who attended him, and said, “Here! Put this woman out, away from me, and bolt the door behind her.”
2 Samuel 13:17

We first discussed how the Ft. Worth Star-Telegrams has acted like glorified press agents for Art Briles et. al. a few weeks ago, when they made a claim about Kendal "White Women" Briles that directly contradicted this author's original reporting.

They did it again this past week:

Don't forget this gem from last month:

We've linked the articles in question, and you're welcome to read them for yourself, but the TL,DR version is that they're full of the same lame, half-assed, excuses we've come to expect from the "Art Briles was framed" crowd.

To cite each individual example would quickly become tedious, but a longer search of the startlegram's Baylor coverage from the past three years quickly illustrates that they consistently spin stories to paint the coaching staff in the most positive light.

Here's the most mind-boggling part: The Star-Telegram just went though massive layoffs...yet the guy carrying water for the Baylor coaching staff continues to have a job.

Bottom Line: Mind-boggling, but also reality....

Friday, August 17, 2018

#TXLEGE: Dan Flynn is a gullible fool

"The wise shall inherit glory,
But shame shall be the legacy of fools."
Proverbs 3:35

No.  This isn't embarrassing.  Not at all:
An East Texas lawmaker is sponsoring a “March Against Far-Left Violence” at the Texas Capitol Saturday — one of at least eight marches around the country organized by assorted far-right groups. This weekend’s marches are supposedly in response to recent episodes of street fighting in the Pacific Northwest between left- and right-wing activists. Some members of white supremacist organizations have expressed interest in attending the march in Austin.

To hold an event on the Capitol grounds, organizations need a state lawmaker to sponsor it and attest to the State Preservation Board that it benefits the “community at large,” according to Texas law. State Representative Dan Flynn, a Canton Republican who’s carried controversial anti-Islam legislation, is sponsoring Saturday’s march. Last Thursday, he signed a form that states the event is hosted by Texans United for America, and above his signature, the event is described as an “Austin March Against Far-Left Violence … aimed at free speech and a call for peace within the universities, media and other far left organizations that engage in false rhetoric and violence.”


Organizers of Saturday’s events are not quite “alt-right” or white nationalist, according to Carla Hill, an analyst with the Anti-Defamation League. Rather, they’re more general far-right activists, drawn from the antigovernment “patriot” movement and the so-called alt-lite. “They’re right-wing extremists; they aren’t all white supremacists,” she said. “But events like this attract white supremacists as well, because these ideologies line up.”

The Observer found significant evidence of interest in Saturday’s event on the part of self-identified white nationalists. On the Facebook page for the Austin event, Houston-based “White Lives Matter” organizer Ken Reed is listed as attending, as are at least two pseudonymous accounts linked to the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front. Members of Patriot Front attended a pro-Trump march hosted by Texans United for America in Austin earlier this year.
It does not take a genius to look at the Facebook page linked in the article and recognize that this event is bad news.  At best, this would be an event filled with counterproductive, reckless, hotheads.  At certainly looks like the Texas Observer did a good digging up the worst.

Bottom Line: In fairness to Flynn, this is probably a case of genuine stupidity.  Dan Flynn might be a corrupt establishment hack who sold out his credibility attempting to intimidate a political whistle blower, but he probably doesn't harbor white nationalist views.  Still, to even put yourself in a position where the question needs to be asked....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

#atxcouncil: How Typically Texan....

"Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord,
But a just weight is His delight."
Proverbs 11:1

So it's done:
Austin appears to have landed a Major League Soccer team after the Austin City Council approved the McKalla Place deal Wednesday for a soccer stadium in North Austin.

The stadium deal paves the way for Columbus Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt to begin financing an estimated $200 million stadium at the 24-acre tract of city-owned land near The Domain. Precourt aims to have the team playing in the Austin area next year.

The vote was 7-4 with council members Leslie Pool, Alison Alter, Ora Houston and Ellen Troxclair against.
This isn't surprising.  The stadium proposal remains far from a done deal.  It's also worth pointing out that the dias math matched our prediction perfectly.

But as this fight moves to a different arena, one thought stands out: How typical this is for politics in the state of Texas.

And never, EVER, forget that one of the primary political activities in the state of Texas is for Good Ol' Boys to put together shady real estate deals.

Last Sunday, after Church, this author went to check out the proposed site.  It was an interesting experience because it alleviated some concerns while highlighting others.  What really struck us was the full magnitude of the giveaway.

This site is kitty-corner across the street from the Domain:

This is a seriously good location, on a significant parcel of land, and the public is getting a small fraction of what it deserves.

But, again, what do you really expect?!?

This is Texas.

The Austin City Council loves to theatrically huff and puff about their alleged opposition to the State of Texas on any number of issues [Note: The Legislature does the same thing in the other direction, but this particular blog post is about Council].  But then they go around and do the most Texas thing ever.  The irony would be amusing if we weren't paying for it.

Think about it:
  • Anthony Precort?!? Good ol' boy....
  • Steve Adler?!?  Good ol' boy....
  • Richard Suttle?!?  Good ol' boy....
  • David Butts?!?  The Goodest, and the ol'est, boy of 'em all....
And, while we're on this particular soapbox, we should also point out that Mayor Adler calling this act of larceny "the best deal of its kind in the country" is preposterous.  That's like patting yourself on the back for 'only' jumping off a 200 foot bridge when someone else jumped off of a 500 foot bride.  Not jumping off of a bridge in the first place remains an option....

Finally, kudos to Leslie Pool.  We certainly don't agree with her philosophy or general approach to land use.  But, to be fair, it came in handy on this particular occasion.

Bottom Line: Never, ever, ever forget that one of the primary political activities in the state of Texas is nothing more than good ol' boys putting together shady real estate deals....


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#TXLEGE: Disgraced, soon to be former, state representative desperately grasps for relvance....

"A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor,
But he who hates covetousness will prolong his days."
Proverbs 28:16

More than a month after Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to submit proposed new rules to his office before publishing them, a retiring Republican lawmaker has called out the policy as a potentially unconstitutional power grab.

“It is important to underscore that nothing in our state’s constitution or statutes gives the Office of the Governor the power to veto or delay the proposal of a rule, whether by act or omission,” wrote state Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, this week.


Abbott’s office defended the move as falling within the governor’s “constitutional authority.”

“As the chief executive of the state, Governor Abbott has a constitutional duty to faithfully execute the law and ensure that all state agencies under his direction approach the regulatory process in adherence with these laws as written and passed by the legislature,” spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said.
For the sake of discussion, let's pretend Cook is making a good faith argument (*): Even if that's the case, all Abbott is doing is taking power out of the bureaucracy and putting it into the hands of an elected official.  At least in theory, those elected officials are accountable to voters.  In other words, Abbott's move is in the direction of more government accountability, not less(**).

Bottom Line: Abbott's move probably won't have much practical impact, but to watch someone with as long of a record of lawlessness as Byron Cook (of all people) shrieking about alleged "power grabs" is cute...


* - Which he, obviously, isn't.

** - Which is, probably, why Cook hates this proposal as much as he does.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

#atxcouncil: Soccer Stadium Supporter ADMITS "the numbers don't add up"....

Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”
Numbers 22:28

In our testimony Thursday night, we discussed a stadium supporter who admitted "the numbers don't add up"; the video was easy to pull:


  • Something something "international city," something something "international sport."
  • "I was talking to a guy outside...."
    • From Rwanda!
  • Apparently, the guy from Rwanda is "excited."
  • "I'm excited too...."
  • "I like what this guy was just saying...." re: so-called 'non-economic quality of life' benefits.
  • "I know there's a lot of numbers that don't add up...."
    • Note: DUDE, that's the problem.
  • "...but it's about time we get some Major League sport in town and Soccer's the way to go man!"
    • Note: That he closed his remarks by saying "man" was the best part.

SCOTX quickly puts LAWLESS #atxcouncil ON NOTICE

"Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear."
1 Timothy 5:20

We mentioned last Friday that there would be a lawsuit filed quickly related to the audit petition.  That happened yesterday.  We didn't realize it would be an emergency petition to the Texas Supreme Court:

SCOTX replied within hours:

Bottom Line: No court ever turns around a filed lawsuit within hours of it's receipt; that SCOTX did so in this case tells you everything you need to know about the weakness of the city's case....

Monday, August 13, 2018

#atxcouncil: David Butts doth protest too much....

"A fool’s lips enter into contention,
And his mouth calls for blows."
Proverbs 18:6

David Butts bills himself as a local political consultant.  In reality, he's much more than that.  Which is why we found his bizarre testimony from last Thurday's discussion of the efficiency audit so interesting:

  • Calls petition "totally misleading."
  • Calls audit petition a "creature" from TPPF.
  • "Designed to set the city up to it can be attacked...."
  • Calls the legislature "the reichstag...." [Note: 37 seconds in]
    • Cheap shot at Troxclair.
  • "Launch an attack on the city...."
  • "Funded by dark money...."
    • "We'll never know who paid this money...."
  • Phony machismo over campaign.
  • "Spear aimed at the city of Austin...out to undermine this city."
  • Something about Greg Abbott.
  • Calls TPPF, AFP "front groups."
  • Exchange with Adler over alleged "redundancy."
  • Ora Houston points out that over 30,000 Austinites signed the petition: "Are we calling the people invalid."
    • "They petition is still valid."
  • Houston: "Is there something wrong with having an efficiency audit?!?"
  • Houston to Butts: "Those are a lot of assertions."
Here's the thing: One would expect Butts to oppose an efficiency audit.  But the tone and ferocity of Butts' testimony was striking.  Then there's the fact he showed up in the first place.  Clearly, an efficiency audit strikes a nerve.

Which begs a follow up question: What would an efficiency audit reveal about David Butts' business relationships and personal finances?!?

We have no specific knowledge, but it's hard not to draw that conclusion following that performance.

Bottom Line: What a bizarre, unhinged, performance....