Wednesday, December 5, 2018

#atxcouncil: A RIDICULOUS Distraction....

"having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed."
1 Peter 3:16

Ssssssssay what?!?

Ward Didn’t File Financial Disclosure,

a Possible Class B Misdemeanor
The article continues:
City Clerk Jannette Goodall is responsible for providing candidates with forms and instructions. To that end her office prepared a 360-page Candidate Packet (linked at the bottom of this story) for those who may run for mayor and City Council. The forms that candidates must use to file financial disclosures are provided in the packets. The packet is available in hard copy as well as a PDF.

Two disclosures are required:

The Statement of Financial Information (SFI) is required by Section 2-7-72 of the Austin City Code. The deadline for filing the SFI with the City Clerk’s Office was 4:45pm August 27, 2018.

The Personal Financial Statement (PFS) for local candidates and officials is required by Government Code Chapter 572. The Candidate Packet provides a link to a Texas Ethics Commission Instruction Guide for completing Form PFS. The deadline for filing a PFS with the City Clerk’s Office was September 10, 2018.


Ward said he thought the SFI he had filed in January satisfied all requirements and he had not understood the other reporting requirement.

“I support your mission of transparency,” he said.

In a text message November 29, Ward said, “I’m also going to find out why I wasn’t alerted to it. When I filed all my paperwork to run, I confirmed at the time that I had filed the necessary paperwork and don’t recall being told anything else was to be submitted...otherwise, I would have filed additional paperwork at that time.”
PUH-LEEZE.  This is a paperwork error.   Frank Ward is addressing it.  All other speculation is trial by innuendo.

But, why now?!?

According to Democratic sources, a poll was conducted last weekend.  It showed Frank Ward leading his opponent 44-40.  Frank Ward's message of intellectual diversity and respect for taxpayers clearly resonates.

Which means Frank Ward's opponents need to change the subject.

Voila, scandal!!!

Bottom Line: Frank Ward is the only voice of dissent.  He's the only candidate who respects taxpayers.  Frank Ward is the only candidate who supports rational solutions to housing costs and traffic.  But why would Frank Ward's opponents want to discuss property taxes, housing costs, and traffic when there are scandals to manufacture?!?

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