Saturday, June 21, 2014

Travis County Republicans well received Juneteenth delegation

"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."
Genesis 1:27

Rosewood Park, East Austin -- This website despises the phrase outreach as it's used in politics.  We believe it demeans both the 'outreacher' and the 'outreachee.'  Nonetheless, we agree that conservatives need to bring our message to audiences that haven't traditionally heard it.

This afternoon, the Travis County Republican Party did just that.  Approximately ten volunteers (when we left) showed up at today's East Austin Juneteenth parade; this compared to four volunteers (that we counted) for the Democrats.  Juneteenth is a celebration of when slaves in Texas learned about the Emancipation Proclamation following the Civil War.

While Gabriel Nila broadcasted his radio show from the TCRP booth, TCRP volunteers scattered the crowd to ask attendees a simple survey, discuss the party, and register voters where appropriate.  Attendees were surprised to sees Republicans show up en masse and were pleased to see it.

Festival attendees expressed their concerns over education, the economy, and criminal justice.  Several expressed their concerns over this year's Democrat ticket.  One woman specifically told TCRP chairman James Dickey that "I'm voting for Greg Abbott this year because I'm pro-life."

This afternoon's event proved the value of taking our message to groups that we don't typically think of as Republican or conservative.  Our ideas and policies benefit everyone.  When your product is superior to the competition, it's insane to cede a substantial chunk of the playing field by not showing up.

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