Monday, September 22, 2014

Davis Debate Meltdown Produces Abbott YouTube Victory

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:9

Last Friday, Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis had their first campaign debate, it didn't go well for Davis:

[Note: Bryan Preston explains the substance of Davis' accusation here.]

Davis' performance speaks for itself, but what caught our attention was the amount of traffic the Abbott video has generated:

Almost 60,000 views on the video?!?  Out of curiosity, how is the Davis YouTube page doing?!?  From the front page:
  • Politifact Rates Abbott's Desperate FBI Claim Not True -- 150 views
  • Operation -- 1,635 views.
  • Davis Campaign's New TV ad, "Time went by" gets widespread coverage -- 237 views.
  • Time Went By -- 3,064 Views.
  • Wendy Davis Gets Personal on Morning Joe -- 1,054 views.
  • Wendy Davis Respond to Critics on Rachel Maddow --  335 views.
    • Personal Note: What's Rachel Maddow?!?
  • GMA: Wendy Davis Tells her story of challenges and triumphs -- 5,215 views.
  • "Court" -- 4,617 views.
  • Davis rallies U of H: "Abbott A part of Old Insider Network" -- 399 views.
  • KXAS: Greg Abbott suffers "Big Defeat" Following School Finance Ruling -- 164 views.
  • As Davis Lays Out Her Plan to Make College More Affordable, Abbott is MIA -- 434 views.
  • WOAI: Davis Wants to Make College More Affordable for Students -- 67 views.
  • KSAT: Davis Announce Plan to Make College More Affordable -- 71 views.
  • KENS: Davis Announce plan to Make Higher Education "More Accessible" -- 48 views.
  • TWC: Davis Proposes Plan to Create Educational Opportunities for All Texans -- 129 views.
  • "Manuel" -- 4,782 views.
  • In Houston, Davis calls for End to Statute of Limitations on Rape -- 202 views.
    • Personal Note: What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?
  • En Houston, Davis propone que delito de violacion no expire -- 48 views.
  • In Dallas, Davis calls for End to Statue of Limitations for Rape -- 111 views.
  • In Odessa, Davis calls out Abbott for "Heinous Betrayal" in siding against rape survivor -- 101 views.
  • KAMC: In Lubbock, Wendy Davis calls out Abbott for Siding with Corporation over Rape Victim -- 116 views.
  • Greg Abbott enfrenta criticas sobre case de violacion -- 120 views.
  • Abbott's disturbing pattern of siding against rape victims get noticed -- 601 views.
  • ALS Ice Bucket challenge -- 615 views.
  • Harold Cook: Davis ad sets up strong contrast with Abbott -- 402 views.
  • Davis discusses Her Record Empowering Survivors -- 480 views.
  • Davis compares her record empowering survivors, Abbott's record Choosing Company Over Rape Victims -- 1,011 views.
  • Davis: Sobreviventes Se Merecen Justicia -- 376 views.
  • That's a total of 26,939 total views for the videos on the front page of her YouTube page, which includes her entire book tour.
Davis' debate meltdown has sent nearly 60,000 people to Abbott's YouTube page since Friday.  By contrast, her own YouTube page has fewer than 27,000 hits on its entire front page.  Fancy-pants political consultants have a word to describe this phenomenon: METRICS!!!

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