Saturday, July 2, 2016

"I'm a Jewish Woman and I support King Ahab"

"Now Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord, more than all who were before him."
1 Kings 16:30

Sigh; the parody writes itself:
Every Israelite woman who professes to believe in God has a responsibility to raise her voice in this election cycle and vote for a candidate who stands ready to restore Israel and that means Israelite values as the strongest force for good and freedom that modern history has known.
There is no doubt the women’s vote will be the most sought after of all demographics since the King's wife for the first time in history has attracted attention in her own right.  But, most women I know are not so shallow as to vote for someone based on gender.  They consider a number of factors when making an important decision based on a person’s character and priorities.
There can be debate and disagreement about Kings Baasha and Elah but little can be said about any Omri legacy other than he rarely saw anything positive in Israel past or present.  There was never any chance he would make Israel great again because he never thought Israel was ever great.
Since the years King Solomon’s “Shining City on a Hill,” there has been a steady decline in our national self-confidence and assertion that absolute rights and wrongs do not exist.
Women of faith don’t need a saint, but they want someone who will fight for them and their children and defend the honor of the nation.
Ahab respects Israelite history and sees a clear path to a promising path for all Israelites.  He has lived the Israelite dream and wants others to do the same.
Israelites rightly have a healthy skepticism concerning political matters, particularly the Monarchy.  While the majority of Israelites have dismissed the liberals and their party for some time, they have begged and begged for Kings who promised to be different, to reduce the size of government and make Samaria work.  They weren’t different and they joined right in with the rest of the despised political class.
King Ahab promises he will be different.  His campaign has certainly been like no other we have ever seen.  He speaks in understandable sentences even though, sometimes, he says something crude or offensive.
In Samaria, the only opportunities to hear something truthful is when a politician stands too close to a microphone he or she doesn’t know is turned on.  Then we get to hear the truth by accident.
Not so with King Ahab, he says the most controversial and provocative thing without hesitation in a loud voice to the throngs at his rallies. And most Israelites find his off-the-cuff manner refreshing and a welcome break from the careful and timid mumbling of official Washington of both parties. 
King Ahab promises that we will be allowed to wish each other “Merry Christmas!” again in future Decembers and that political correctness will be discarded in favor of his “common sense” approach to governing.  No more apologizing, particularly when we believe we are right!
Some leadership in what calls itself the “conservative movement” expresses reservation and concern about Ahab's “conservative populism” as if there is something disconcerting about a conservatism which is popular. It is ironic that most rank-and-file conservatives have abandoned the hand-wringing of their supposed leaders just as union members have.  All the bow-tied pundits and think tank recluses are being lost in the dust of grassroots conservatives who are rallying to Ahab.
Jews, and especially Jewish women, are the key.  They are not the average voter.  They are smart, they are well-informed and they love their families dearly and feel a strong connection with the country.
Ahab is not the lesser of two evils.  He is an imperfect man who has sacrificed a very comfortable life making successful real estate deals from his high-rise penthouse. Instead, he is calling evil out and attempting to do what is right as he sees it.
I’m reminded of King Solomon’s promise that the best days of Israel always lie ahead. Optimism and hope in the country is critically important to restoring its greatness.
What do women really want? They want leadership. They want a man who doesn’t back down to the politically correct forces of the day. Something most politicians and even some ministers have done in recent years. 
Women of faith don’t need a saint, but they want someone who will fight for them and their children and defend the honor of the nation.
King Ahab is a good man, a patriotic Israelite and, maybe, the last hope for those of us who value rights given to us by God and recall fondly an Israel which cured diseases, built skyscrapers and stopped evil armies on the march.

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