Sunday, October 30, 2016

Alder's "Corridor" Bond: Opposition holds Campaign Event

"Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth."
1 Samuel 17:49

South Lamar Blvd. -- This afternoon Ashley Schor, proprietor of Bead It at the corner of South Lamar and Oltorf, opened up her business to a rally and press conference for opponents of Mayor Adler's so-called "corridor" bond.  As a business owner on South Lamar, Schor would be sacrificed in pursuit of the Mayor's so-called "smart" corridors.  A variety of citizens, candidates, and elected officials spoke.

From our notes:

Jim Skaggs (Longtime taxpayer advocate):

  • Construction can drag out for months, or even years, at a time which will directly threaten the viability of every independent business in this bond's path.
Ora Houston (#ATXCouncil, D1 -- East Austin):
  • "Just because I do not support this bond does not make me a 'do nothing.' "
  • This bond would make traffic worse, not better.
  • We don't know the final cost.
    • Author's Note: $720 million is essentially what is known in business as a W.A.G.
  • Flawed process created flawed proposal.
    • "Corridor" plans were developed pre 10-1.
  • "Corridor" re-development threatens local businesses.
  • Bond ignores district 1.
Don Zimmerman (#ATXCouncil, D6 -- Far Northwest Austin):
  • City attorneys misled council behind closed doors; by excluding a provision related to tax impact on the ballot language, the city has given itself authority for unlimited taxation to repay bonds.
  • City transportation department could put district 6 projects on the back burner.
  • Floated 2018 proposal: Something 'less expensive' ($500 million ish) with council, instead of the city bureaucracy, directing the project.
Rob Walker (Candidate -- #ATXCouncil, 10 -- West Austin):
  • We certainly need to 'do something' but we don't need to do something stupid.
    • Author's Note: That will make the original problem worse.
Jerry Patterson (Austin Resident and former elected official):
  • There's a difference between 'doing something' and fixing the problem.
Ashley Schor (Business Owner):
  • Adler's scheme would destroy the character of the "corridors."
Bottom Line: We'd love to begin fixing traffic congestion, but step one is to halt this massive step in the wrong direction in it's tracks.


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