Friday, December 15, 2017

Latest on the Perverts in Texas politics

"It is an abomination for kings to commit wickedness,
For a throne is established by righteousness."
Proverbs 16:12

[Note: That we even have to write that headline.]

We've been at City Hall all week, but several noteworthy developments the past few days:
  • Farenthold finally throws in the towel -- We had resigned ourselves to having to remove him electorally, but yesterday Farenthold finally demonstrated the good sense to leave on his own.  Following Joe Barton, this is the second scalp this website has helped to collect over this garbage.  And yes, we are fully prepared to promote our record of actually doing something against any of the loathsome hypocrites (be they of the "Christian" or "Feminist" variety) selectively manipulating this issue for political purposes.

    As to Farenthold, he clearly has psychological issues related to both anger and sex; we hope he gets help.
  • Straus' hypocritical comment about Roy Moore -- Following the U.S. Senate race in Alabama, Joe Straus made the following comment Wednesday "Last night in Alabama, something very important happened: Decency trumped tribalism."

    Coming from Joe friggin' Straus, that is a particularly noxious comment.

    Obviously, this website did not support Roy Moore's candidacy (at least at the end).  We kept our mouth shut because there was nothing we could do about it, but we doubt anyone familiar with our sentiments on this topic is surprised.  See our comment in the previous item about our record.

    But for Joe Straus, of all people, to attempt to lecture anyone on the subject of "decency" as it relates to sexual matters is revolting.

    Joe Straus has witnessed members of the Texas House committing sexual assault.  Joe Straus quite possibly appointed a pervert to chair the public education committee during the 85th.  Finally, while we're not prepared to level formal accusations (at this time), let's just say that there are bad signs related several other Texas House committee chairs on sexual matters.

    Then there's the fact that, even at this late date, Joe Straus has appointed a man who has had a decade long sexual relationship with a lobbyist to oversee the new "sexual harassment" policy.

    So please, Joe Straus, spare us any detestable little lecture on "decency" as it relates to sexual matters.
  • Texas Senate Finally Shows Up -- The Texas Senate held its first hearing on the matter yesterday.  This is, literally, the first time they've even attempted to do anything on this subject.  This despite the fact that the first two people to be named in this unfolding scandal are both sitting Senators.

    The Texas Observer asked for comments from every Senator related to Miles and Uresti.  Only 13 even had the guts to respond.  And none of them called for Miles and Uresti to leave.

    We've been in conversation with Senate sources all day, and they assure us that this is being taken seriously behind the scenes.  Furthermore, the Senate has concerns about creating a "lynch mob" mentality.  We understand that the Senate has its way of doing things (and that it's usually a more effective strategy to just let the Senate be the Senate), but this is still weak.  And we will be making this point in significantly stronger language if we don't see action soon.

    And, for the record, if Miles and Uresti don't present a very compelling defense between now and January 2019, then the Texas Senate needs to expel them.

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