Monday, July 23, 2018

Austin Chronicle gets confrontation it RICHLY Deserves

"Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you."
Titus 2:15

[Note: You can watch the original incident here.]

Anyone who knows this author knows that we tend to get along well with most reporters in this town.  Across the ideological spectrum, most reporters in this town want to report their stories fairly.  We have no beef.

There are two exceptions, one of which is the Austin Chronicle.

The Chronicle routinely lies via half-truth.  They'll get the basic premise correct, then they omit one or two pieces of context, and they use it to spin a misleading conclusion.  Unfortunately (for them), they made the mistake of going after someone with a big national platform:

(h/t. Redstate).

  • It should be about the Austin Chronicle.
  • Chronicle refused to embed the video.
    • Won't say why.
  • Never asked Crowder for comment.
  • Chronicle released location, not Crowder.
  • Chronicle called him "alt-right" even though Crowder has denounced alt-right.
    • Crowder's been attacked by alt-right.
  • Chronicle reporter correction points out Crowder going behind counter was an aggressive act.
    • Crowder deflects, but she makes a good point.
    • This was, by far, Crowder's weakest moment; if he'd been a little more contrite on this point, it would have made the rest of his argument stronger.
  • "Very selectively choosing facts."
    • That's what the Austin does, and they've been doing it that way for decades.
  • 10 minutes of talking past each other.
  • Crowder left other incriminating information out of original video for safety purposes.

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