Saturday, May 18, 2019

#atxcouncil: Lying, Phony-Ass, Schmuck Welcomes Raging anti-Semite to Town

"Like a roaring lion and a charging bear
Is a wicked ruler over poor people."
Proverbs 28:15

Anyone who knows this author knows how much we loathe national politics, but some things can't go unchallenged:


This website's beef with Steve Adler has always been, primarily, about his wretched performance as Mayor.

In Year Five of Steve Adler, Austin is:
In terms of substance, and public policy, Steve Adler is an awful Mayor.

But to be the "GoH" at an event keynoted by Ilhan frickin' Omar takes Steve Adler's phoniness to another level.

Steve Adler:

Ilhan Omar:

We could go on, but you understand.

That's not to say Steve Adler agrees with Ilhan Omar.  Steve Adler is all about Steve Adler.  He's a crony capitalist who works with the rationalization du jour.

Socially liberal grandstanding as misdirection from the more boring forms of municipal larceny has been Steve Adler's playbook for a long time.

Unfortunately, there's a difference between socially liberal grandstanding, and parading around with anti-Semites.

Steve Adler, like it or not, has crossed that line.

Any politician who crosses that line, while yammering about alleged "hate speech," is the phoniest of phonies.

Bottom Line:  Steve Adler can condemn hate.  Or he can stop attending events with those who purvey it.  He can't do both....

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