Wednesday, June 17, 2020

#NoRePete: FLORIDA operative doing Sessions' dirty work

"Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,"
1 Timothy 4:1

The e-mail looks terrible:

If you follow the link, you'll come to a website called ""  Upon arrival, you'll immediately discover that almost all of the content is produced elsewhere.  Well known outlets that cover Texas political news.  Places like the Texas Tribune and KXAN.

So, it looks like your average scammy content aggregator site...with one exception.

That exception, as the original e-mail subject line proclaimed, was this headline:
White GOP congressional candidate: “I know what slavery is like”
The story in question is a vile smear against CD-17 runoff candidate Renee Swann.  It attempts to twist a comment she made about regulatory compliance into a racial issue.  While the comment might have been clumsy, it most certainly was NOT what the headline implied.  Despicable stuff.

That being said, laundering innuendo through "official looking" websites (and blasting them out through e-mail) is a fairly well known technique for a certain type of political operative with...malleable scruples.

That's where this gets interesting.

Because that hatchet job against Renee Swann was written by this guy:

Now who, pray tell, is Javier Manjarres?!?

We take no joy in our endorsement of Javier Manjarres, a flawed but savvy political operative who makes his living producing a blog called Shark Tank. Our reluctance should give voters a clue about the tone and tenor of the Republican primary for U.S. House District 22.

The blog strays into the tasteless, if not the cruel. His recent attack on the parent of a Stoneman Douglas murder victim — and demeaning commentary about one of the survivors — capture the sometimes hostile character of his work.


Take Manjarres, for example. Most of us go though life never getting arrested and charged with attempted murder, domestic violence, burglary or fist fighting. Manjarres has managed to get ensnared in all of them without ever getting convicted. There’s a story that goes with each of them and Manjarres tells them well.

But wouldn’t most of us prefer a wanna-be Congressman to be story-free?
That's from a newspaper editorial in 2018.  Apparently, Javier Manjarres ran for a solidly blue seat in Florida in 2018.  Of course, running for solidly blue seats as a Republican is another well known political scam.

For our purposes, however, the relevant detail is that Javier Manjarres is from Florida.

Why is Florida relevant to the runoff for TEXAS' 17th congressional district?!?

Because Renee Swann's opponent in that race is Pete Sessions...and Pete Sessions **AHEM** connections to Florida have been an issue for a long time.

Bottom Line:  For this sleazy of an allegation to just **happen** to get published against Pete Sessions' opponent by one of the most well-known scammers in Florida awfully big coincidence.

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