Monday, January 9, 2012

GBTV: The Third Coast -- Episode 1

GBTV:  The Third Coast – Episode 1 – How to Pursue Your Dreams (Part 1)

Episode #1:  Establish that there are still good kids in America, or at least in Texas.  Show kids how, if they’re willing to pay the price in Advance, they can achieve their wildest dreams.  Illustrate Universal Truths of Success.

Prologue: Establish Who We Are

Scene 1: Arrival/Opening Prayer
-          Kids show up and get keys from show ‘host’
-          Note in the Fridge: Buy Alcohol with Your Own Money
-          Amazing House = GRATTITUDE over Entitlement
-          Kids Organize and deliver Deep, Heartfelt Prayer ON THEIR OWN
-          Host Returns with Nolan Ryan for “Opening Day Pep Talk”

-          This will be the MAIN SCENE OF THE EPISODE
-          A Little Bit of Background
-          GOALS – Written; Health, Wealth, and Relationships
o   Self-Binding Contracts
o   “My Goal is to have more Checks than Bills”
o   Rocker has some CRAZY sex goal
-          House Rules – Establish Good Habits from the Beginning
o   Partying – Celebrating Job Well Done, NOT Main Event
o   Promiscuity – Only if it’s Marxist Proof
o   Some early Trumped-Up conflict over smoking pot
-          Conscious Decision to Stay in
-          Kids Share Stories about overcoming adversity
-          Watch Movie ‘Bataan’ as House Activity

Scene 3: Getting up Early the Next Day
-          Kids clean up mess from previous night
-          Each kid immediately takes action on a goal listed the previous night
-          Morning Gratitude Lists

Scene 4: Small Initial Success/Gratitude
-          Each kid makes modest progress towards a goal
o   Rocker Successfully picks up a chick at the Beach

Scene 5: Temporary Defeat
-          The kids all experience setbacks; episode closes on a cliffhanger….

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