Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Glenn Beck Should Hire Me

Dear Mr. Beck,

  I’m writing to request on on-camera position with GBTV; together we will destroy Hollywood’s corrupt aristocracy.

  Electoral Politics and Legislative Process is a trap; entertainment is the key to America’s soul.  For at least fifty years, the conservative movement has fallen for a giant misdirection; we’ve bickered at the edges of bad legislation while abandoning the entertainment landscape to the secular-fascist left.  Entertainment competition, whether it’s in the form of original scripted programming, self-reliance instruction, or other formats that lay a foundation of truth will advance our cause more effectively than ANY politician.  Even when Ronald Reagan puts Leviathan on a temporary diet, Hollywood’s corrupt influence prevents us from addressing the core pathology.  Consider the following:

Without Hollywood, liberalism will collapse; I have the vision, you have the platform.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s Roll,

Dear Mr. Beck,

Observing our culture and politics, within a context shaped by my personal and professional life, has convinced me destroying Hollywood is a necessary precondition to save America.  The day to day content of the jobs I’ve worked has been tangential to that process.  To help you understand how I have developed this vision and perspective, I have included this outline in the major influences in my life in lieu of a traditional CV.

Catalog of Influences:

2011 – Republican congress has delivered meager results
-          Primetime Propaganda documented what I’d long suspected about Hollywood.

Prime United Marketing (July 2010 – February 2011)
-        Mental Toughness – Achieved modest success doing something most people are afraid to try
-        Attitude Control – Had to Stay Positive Despite economic challenges and in-field setbacks
-        Prosperity Consciousness - Reawakened me to its business context

SxSW Slamdown (March 23, 2010)
-        Passing Obamacare on the last night of SxSW radicalized me; the people ruining our country are playing for keeps and they do not take Sundays off, neither can we.

Tea Party Activism (April 15, 2009 – Present)
-       TARP/HAMP/Obamacare Disgust Dramatically Deepened Commitment; failure to stop or roll back any has made limits of politics OBVIOUS
-       Philosophical Foundation - Listened to A LOT of talk radio (esp. Rush); watched you on Fox
-       Too many people I know are on Food Stamps

Rick Perry’s Texas (December 2007 – Present)
-       Daily examples of why conservatism works

2008 Presidential Politics (December 2005 – November 7, 2008)
-       Watched Hollywood create Barry’s cult of personality while giving a free pass about Ayres and Wright
-       American People unable to stop TARP despite overwhelming opposition

Rapid Realty NYC (September 2006 – November 2007)
-       First Exposure to Prosperity Consciousness in a business context

Seduction/”Pick-Up Artist” Community (January 2006 – Present)
-       Learned why the rules of social interaction exist; discovered just how far I could push them
-       People respect the unapologetic
-       First developed prosperity consciousness in Personal Context

Bob Novak Internship (August 2004 – December 2004)
-       Discovered how much I LOATHE Washington D.C. and news of the day punditry
-       Worked with Tim Carney, who taught me the difference between free market and crony capitalism
-       Observed how U.S. Government policymaking actually works, especially domestically

Pitzer College (August 1999 – May 2003)
-      Four Year Anthropological Observation of the far-left; including aftermath of 9/11
-      Read Cass Sunstein (Shudder)
-      Knew children of Obama’s Chicago Cronies

New York Film Academy (July 2000)
-      Learned Filmmaking Basics

Columbia Grammar and Prep School (September 1997 – May 1999)
-       Learned how to write
-       Learned U.S. History
-       Starred in School Plays

Rudy Giuliani’s New York City (January 1994 – August 1996; May 1997 – August 1999; Summer 2000/1)
-       Lived through transformation, need I say more?!?

Pre-Rudy New York City (June 1981 – December 1993)
-          Grew-up face to face with the failures of liberalism

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