Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recall Julian Castro?!?

Cahnman's Musings was just invited to join this facebook group:
In that during the course of his term as mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro has chosen to follow an agenda which serves the special interest groups needed to further his own national political aspirations and ignore the will of the people in which he has been elected to serve and has continually put his own desires ahead of the people of San Antonio in a dictatorial manner and fashion, we feel the city and constituents would be served best if Mayor Castro were relieved of his duties by either resignation or special election of recall and a more fitting representative of the values and morals of the community be elected to serve in his place.
In turn, we were inspired us to spend 30 seconds on Google.

In Texas, the mayor may only be recalled in cities where the city charter specifically authorizes recall.
San Antonio City Charter, Article IV Section 26:
Sec. 26. Recall provisions.

Any member of the council may be removed from office by recall. A petition stating the general grounds on which removal of a district or ward council member is sought shall be signed by qualified electors equal in number to ten (10) per cent of those electors who were qualified to vote in such ward or district at the time of the last regular municipal election, and shall be filed by any qualified elector of the district or ward with the city clerk.

A petition stating the general grounds on which removal of the council member serving as mayor is sought shall be signed by qualified electors equal in number to ten (10) per cent of those electors who were qualified to vote at the time of the last regular municipal election, and shall be filed by any qualified elector of the city with the city clerk.

A separate petition shall be circulated with respect to each member of council whose removal is sought. (Ord. No. 47304, § 1 (Prop. 1), 10-27-76)
 Article II Section 4:
Candidates for and the person elected as member of the council in the remaining place, Place 11, may reside anywhere in the City and shall be elected by a majority of all qualified electors voting in said City election, with said Council Member to serve as Mayor as provided in Section 9 of this Charter.
Article II Section 9:
Sec. 9. Mayor and mayor pro tem.

Par. 1. The person elected to the last place on the council shall serve as and be the mayor during his term of office.
As a resident of Austin, Cahnman's Musings will let San Antonians manage their own affairs.  We will, however, point out that Julian Castro's re-election last May only had 7% turnout.  This is an achievable task, if folks in San Antonio are up for the challenge.

Julian Castro is a corrupt dirtbag who persecutes Christians; grounds for recall are plentiful.

On a related note, put that in your pipe and smoke it, Battleground Texas....


  1. You could always form a vigilance committee and take action.............................

  2. You could try but conservatives are not organized. We have no umbrella organization in Austin acting on our interests and we don't have local chapters all across the state. If conservatives who say they care would volunteer a few hours a month and maybe give $20 a year, a YEAR, we could have a real organization with some real meat on the bones.

    This would require real local organizing from El Paso to Texarkana. Would you be interested in rallying San Antonio conservatives? Trying to get them organized, meet online and monthly in person, hold fundraising dinners or barbeques every month or so.

    It would not be a one issue organization, it would not be a niche. It would not compromise, it would be be proudly conservative on fiscal as well as social issues. But local chapters would focus on local matters and the statewide organization would do likewise (but they would all support one another where possible).

    If every conservative who says they care is willing to spend a few hours a month toward that goal and give a few bucks, literally a few bucks, then we could do this.

    1. Freedomworks is rolling out something similar:

  3. Hey Cahnman, how about we clean up our own house first. Greg Abbott is a treacherous false accuser who is persecuting Christians right here in Montgomery County ~ and his chief persecutor David Glickler , who dreams of being a Judge appears to be misusing his campaign funds which is a 3rd degree felony. Please look into our story and help exonerate some innocent patriots who are being trample by a mega RINO who says he defends the Ten Commandments but ignores the ninth commandment

  4. Ironically, San Antonio TX city “leaders” are at the center of TWO Federal Free Speech lawsuits due to the fact that they actively supported illegal, unconstitutional bans prohibiting law-abiding citizens from entering City Hall and public meetings in an effort to conceal long-term public/police corruption and stifle free speech.

    Right here in San Antonio TX Councilperson Diego M Bernal, Mayor Julian Castro and others speak of civil rights, equality and tolerance BUT continue to ignore requests that the City open a Federal/State investigation, audit the cooked books and terminate corrupt employees involved in this ongoing criminal cover-up impacting the free speech of law-abiding taxpayers reporting widespread long-term corruption involving tens of millions of City, County, State and Federal dollars.

    Currently, the City of San Antonio TX (Mayor Julian Castro / Obama campaign co-manager), city attorney Michael Bernard (brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard) , SAPD Chief William McManus and the law firm of Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich are …in violation of the law…defrauding the Federal Judicial System in an effort to conceal public/police corruption, Constitutional violations and the theft/misuse of tens of millions of public/grant dollars.

    Terroristic threats made by Councilperson Bernal’s supporters and Bernal’s middle of the night correspondence with the group of criminals have been submitted to the Court and law enforcement showing that SAPD, DA Reed and others helped in efforts to hide the crimes.

    They are using OUR tax dollars to finance the ongoing criminal scheme to conceal their crimes. Mayor Castro, City Manager Sculley, SAPD Chief McManus, Bexar County DA Susan Reed , Councilperson Cris Medina, Councilperson Diego M Bernal, Councilperson Carlton Soules and others have taken an active role in the illegal cover-up.

    This notarized complaint has been submitted to the Courts, the DOJ, the FBI, HUD-OIG, Homeland Security-OIG, the media, etc. – along with a CD of information detailing the ongoing criminal conspiracy.


    Before me, the undersigned authority in and for the State and County aforesaid, on this day, personally appeared John Edward Foddrill Sr. being by me duly sworn upon his/her oath deposes and says:

    This is a report of criminal activity – violations of law. In documents submitted to U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez, Western District of Texas, 655 East Cesar Chavez Blvd- room G65, San Antonio TX 78206 on or about July 26, 2013 criminal acts committed by the law firm of Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich and their clients Michael Bernard, William McManus and the City of San Antonio were reported to the Court.

    “1. Evidence submitted by the Plaintiff supports his report that the Defendants and their attorneys – Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich – have defrauded THIS Court by stating in recent documents submitted in THIS case that there is no conspiracy . (see July 2, 2013 document, p2, paragraph 4) They defraud THIS court with their untrue statement “There was no perjury”. (see July 2, 2013 document, page 5 , note at bottom of page )”

    During a period of time beginning in 2005 San Antonio TX city attorney Michael Bernard and others conspired to conceal numerous violations of law – especially the theft and misuse of tens of millions of City, County, State and Federal funds over the past three decades. In February 2009 attorney Bernard and others defrauded the 57th District Court (Judge Antonia Arteaga) in an effort to hide the criminal activity (2006-CI-06702). When proof of the “fraud upon the court” and illegal cover-up was presented to law enforcement and public officials Bernard, McManus and the City of San Antonio TX in an effort to conceal the crimes issued an illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass warning on July 1, 2009 barring entry into City Hall and public meetings. Evidence of the criminal activity was confiscated, police reports were discarded and everyone was sworn to secrecy.

    When proof of the criminal activity / illegal cover-up was presented to U. S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez as the underlying reason for the criminal trespass warning and other unconstitutional acts addressed in civil rights / freedom of speech federal lawsuit 5:13-CV-00051 ; Bernard, McManus, the City of San Antonio TX and the law firm of Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich submitted false statements to the Court in effort to conceal the crimes and have proof of the ongoing criminal conspiracy stricken from the record.

    I ask that a criminal investigation be opened and that criminal charges be filed.

    This statement is true and correct to the best of my recollection.


    John Edward Foddrill Sr.

    Sworn to and subscribed before me this 21st day of August, 2013.

    Notary Public in and for Bexar County, Texas

  6. San Antonio City agenda: “Councilmember Carlton Soules will be sworn-in a Mayor Pro-Tem, serving the term of August 30, 2013-November 8, 2013”

    There is nothing as to why Mayor Julian Castro who was a keynote speaker at the Democratic national convention will be absent such a long time. Possibly due to cover-up with ACS and the Texas Ethics Commission investigation of Castro and San Antonio city council members.

    Please read the linked stories below and consider investigating. News stories in San Antonio represent only what the city wishes the public to believe. Numerous and important facts are concealed and disregarded.

    San Antonio, TX ACS false claims exposed

    Mayor Julian Castro ignores voters’ concerns in San Antonio, TX


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