Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Difference between Republicans and Tea Partiers

Last night, I went to an event hosted by Republicans; I define Republicans as people who either work for the Party, work at the Capitol, or lobby the State Government.

To be clear, this isn't personal.  I had an awesome time and everyone was super-cool.  That being said, in discussing the primary in HD-121 someone made a comment that epitomizes the difference in mentality between Republicans and Tea Partiers:
As a citizen, I'd love to see Joe Straus go down; as a lobbyist, he's great on our issues and we support him.
Excuse me?!?  You support Joe Effing Straus?!?

The Joe Straus who uses the exact same rhetoric as Barack Obama?!?

The Joe Straus who wants to bring Casino Gambling to Texas?!?

The Joe Straus who became Speaker by sleazily collaborating with Democrats?!?

THAT Joe Straus?!?

To me, supporting Joe Straus is unfathomable; perpetuating a system where a slime ball like Joe Straus gets to dole out committee chairmanships offends my basic sense of right and wrong.

If you want to understand the difference in mentality between Republicans and Tea Partiers, you need look no further than the race for HD-121 in Texas.

Vote Matt Beebe!!!

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