Monday, May 13, 2013

The Next Step: #AuditAISD

"I won." 
President Barack Obama
January 23, 2009

Several people have written to ask what comes next following conservatives' upset victory over Austin's progressive establishment Saturday night.  That the pro-bond campaign outspent us 45:1 and could only manage a draw illustrates voters unease with the district's stewardship of the people's money.  The citizens of Austin have spoken, and they gave a clear mandate to get to the bottom of the district's finances.


Austin Independent School District needs a financial proctology exam.  This election raised a lot of questions about the district's finances.  It's now time for answers.


From questions about administrative bloat, to basic maintenance, to the cozy relationship between the district and special interest cronies, to countless others, the time has come to answer citizens' questions.  Obviously, the district lacks the credibility to examine its own finances.  An independent audit, with subpoena power, is the appropriate next step.


Once Austinites get to the bottom of the district's finances, then we can consider major policy changes.  For now, however, discussing its premature.  We need more information.  Let's get it.  #AUDITAISD.

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