Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRS Messes with Friends of Cahnman's Musings

Last week, the IRS apologized for specifically targeting Tea Party and 9/12 groups; today, Glenn Beck had two friends of Cahnman's Musings on to discuss their experience.

Maria Acosta, head of Central Texas 9/12 project, is a close personal friend.

We've also known Toby Marie Walker, head of the Waco Tea Party, for years; we've been a guest on her radio show in the past. While we are not as close with Toby as we are with Maria, Toby is also rad!  For the record, there is no-one, outside of the candidate himself (and his father) who did more to get Ted Cruz elected last year than Toby Marie Walker.

  • This is far more intrusive than Watergate.
  • Waco Tea Party has had to keep track of thousands of pieces of paper.
  • CenTex 9/12 was asked to give the IRS a login.
  • These IRS agent's are trained specialists.
Although, perhaps this will end well; this evening, Toby posted the following message to her facebook page:
Today the Governor called me....Gov. Perry asked me about the IRS story, I explained what they were doing to us. I told him they were picking on us, and he told me "Well, that ticks me off and I'm going to go pick back." LOL Thank you Governor!
 This is an amazing story, and if it leads to the administration's comeuppance, that will be amazing!!!

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