Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Straus' BIZARRE non-endorsement in HD-118

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
Matthew 7:20

For those unaware, there's a special election currently underway for a Texas House seat in Bexar County.  We noticed about a week ago that Straus was the only Republican in Bexar County who handn't endorsed the Republican candidate.  We'd been planning to write about it when we received the following e-mail about an hour ago:

SREC members: Why Hasn’t Joe Straus Endorsed John Lujan

Today, a number of members of the State Republican Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party are asking Joe Straus why he refuses to endorse a popular Hispanic Republican in his own county.
John Lujan is a strong candidate for the GOP to pick up House District 118.  He is a solid, conservative, Christian, Hispanic entrepreneur and former firefighter.  Most local conservative and even moderate Republican officials have endorsed Lujan, including Senator Donna Campbell, Congressman Lamar Smith, State Rep. Lyle Larson, and County Commissioner Kevin Wolff as well as one of the Speaker’s Republican primary opponents – Jeff Judson.
But noticeably absent from this list is Joe Straus, who has refused to endorse Lujan.  Endorsing a fellow Republican who might pick up a seat from the Democrats is the bread and butter of politics.  It’s a no brainer. 
We are scratching our heads as to why this is so hard for Joe.  What is Joe’s real agenda?
Is it because Joe needs all the Democrat votes he can get to be reelected Speaker and actually favors Tomas Uresti, the Democrat?  If such is the case, he is willing to forego the interests and principles of his Party in order to maintain his power and allegiance with Democrats. 
Please Joe – be a leader for Republicans -- not just for Democrats! We believe Republican principles help people prosper.  What do you believe Joe?
SREC members endorsing this statement include:
Sue Evenwell – SD 1
Tom Roller SD - 31
Vicki Slaton – SD 2
Marvin Clede SD - 17
John Beckmeyer SD - 28
Karl Voigtsberger SD - 8
Mark Ramsey SD- 7
Jeff Judson SD - 25
Alma Perez Jackson SD - 26
Tanya Robertson – SD 11
Terri DuBose SD - 19

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