Friday, January 15, 2016

Lame anti-Thomas McNutt attack FALLS FLAT

"A righteous man hates lying,
But a wicked man is loathsome and comes to shame."
Proverbs 13:5

[Author's Note: It's worth pointing out the cheap labor lobby used the exact same attack against Dan Patrick two years ago; it won't be any more successful this time.]

From McNutt's latest campaign e-mail:
I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise...

The liberal media is attacking conservatives once again, this time on behalf of Byron Cook whose own pro-illegal immigrant record can’t bear scrutiny. Recently, the Dallas Morning News attacked the McNutts' family business for allegedly employing illegal immigrants.

To be clear, in order to get a job at the Collin Street Bakery, every individual must provide multiple forms of legal identification and sign documentation asserting their ability to legally work in the United States. Presenting forged documents or false statements are both federal crimes.

In the recent political attack, two former employees told the Dallas Morning News that they were illegal immigrants while holding temporary jobs at the Bakery years ago. The Bakery has informed us that those individuals did indeed provide legal identification and sign federally required documents. They either committed fraud then or were legally in the country at the time and have now overstayed their welcome.

Here are a few facts about the Dallas Morning News's hit piece:

1) In seeking an interview with our campaign, the Dallas Morning News articulated that they were simply writing an introductory profile to the race, not an orchestrated attack on the McNutts' small town family business.

2) The Dallas Morning News editorial board is in favor of amnesty. It is disappointing to see the Dallas Morning News engage in such transparently shameful behavior in order to prop up career politicians they know will support their liberal beliefs.
In Thomas's own words...

"When I announced my campaign for public office I promised that I would keep this race focused on the issues facing our state rather than levy personal attacks on my opponent. I remain committed to that stance no matter what mud Byron Cook and his liberal allies may throw next."
Thomas McNutt

Thank you,

Cary Cheshire
McNutt for State Rep
Bottom Line: This is pathetic. Byron Cook has been the cheap labor lobby's legislative champion for a long time.  That relatives of Thomas McNutt might have temporarily employed two illegal aliens (who provided valid documentation at the time they were hired) illustrates nothing beyond the failure of the status quo Byron Cook helps perpetuate.

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