Saturday, April 15, 2017

Longhorn Spring Game Strengthens the Pessimistic Case

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
Matthew 7:20

We attended UT Football's spring game this afternoon...and we weren't impressed.

With a newly onboarded coaching staff, we were looking for evidence of crispness, discipline, and hustle.  We found little.  The penalties continue.

This team will go as far as Shane Buchele takes them.  In a day where the rest of the team was forgettable, Buchele passed for two touchdowns and ran for another.  The Longhorns are going to need him this fall.

The sloppy play continues.  There are still too many penalties, there were too many dropped passes, and drives still stall out way too early.  For as much money was spent to turn over the coaching staff during the off-season, we see more of the same.

On offense, Buchele was joined (at times) by Jerrod Heard, Devon Duvernay, and running back (#30) Toneil Carter.  Buchele's ability to successfully navigate mid-range yardage situations has improved since last season...but the question is by how much?!?  Sam Ehlinger wasn't notable.

The defense was kinda "meh."  The pass rush continued to be above average, but they also continued to give up too many yards in the middle of the field.  Malik Jefferson visibly dogged it every time he came on the field.

Bottom Line: With the legislature in town, we'll throw out a suggestion.  Attach a rider to the budget that cuts off state funding to any public university whose football program has four consecutive losing seasons.  At some point the alumni have to revolt...right?!?


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