Monday, June 3, 2019

#TXLEGE: A more honorable type of scoundrel

"A man to whom God has given riches and wealth and honor, so that he lacks nothing for himself of all he desires; yet God does not give him power to eat of it, but a foreigner consumes it. This is vanity, and it is an evil affliction."
Ecclesiastes 6:2

Since session ended, there's been a decent amount of commentary comparing the last two speakers.

The truth is they're both pretty terrible.

Under Straus, you got some modest pro-life bills (Note: Usually when the Governor forced this issue), and little else.  Under Bonnen, you got some decent movement on property taxes, and nothing else.  Neither is acceptable.

The biggest difference is Dennis Bonnen says to your face the things Joe Straus said behind your back.

Where Joe Straus stabbed you in the back, Dennis Bonnen stabs you in the front.

Either way, stab wounds are generally unhelpful.

Bottom Line: Even if the process does improve, does it really matter if the results stay the same?!?

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