Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Allred and Fletcher OBLIVIOUS to self-interest

"A prudent man conceals knowledge,
But the heart of fools proclaims foolishness."
Proverbs 12:23

They're joking...right?!?
WASHINGTON — All 13 Texas Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have indicated that they are open to impeaching President Donald Trump after recent reports that Trump asked the Ukranian president to investigate the business activities of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Six Texans jumped on board Tuesday. They were U.S. Reps. Colin Allred of Dallas, Lizzie Fletcher of Houston


"This Thursday, when the Director appears before the House Intelligence Committee, I expect that he will comply with the law and turn over the complaint to the Committee," Allred said in a statement. “If he does not, and this Administration continues to violate the law and obstruct Congress’s constitutional duty, I will be forced to conclude that the only remaining option is for the House to begin impeachment proceedings.”

The decisions by Allred and Fletcher to call for impeachment are particularly notable, given the swing seats they currently occupy. Both were elected in 2018, winning seats that had long been held by Republicans, and both are GOP targets in 2020.

Fletcher wrote in her own statement that the president's actions "represent a gross abuse of power and an abuse of the trust we the people have placed in the Office of the President."

"Consistent with the oaths of office we take, it is the responsibility of Congress to investigate these matters, and it is the responsibility of the administration to participate in that investigation: to comply with the law and the Constitution," she said. "The House of Representatives should act swiftly to investigate and should be prepared to use the remedy exclusively in its power: impeachment."
They can't be serious.

This author's feelings about the current president are well known, but we can't see how moving forward on this does anything other than blow up in its proponents faces.

We don't often comment on national stories, and we don't particularly want to do it here, but this alleged Ukraine story is preposterous.  Joe Biden's kid did a bunch of shady stuff with the Ukrainian natural gas company ("allegedly").  Joe Biden, as sitting Vice President, used the power of his office to bully the Ukrainians into shutting down their investigation.  Yet, for some reason, this is supposed to be grounds to impeach Trump?!?

Bottom Line: Good Luck with that, and good luck to Collin Allred and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher if they go along with it.

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