Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Apparently, this Judge in Dallas has an Opponent in November

saying: “There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God nor regard man."
Luke 18:2

UPDATE: Jessica Voyce Lewis' campaign website is here; you can donate to her campaign here.


Original Post:

We've already said our piece about the travesty of Shelley Luther's imprisonment.

However, we decided to check something else on a hunch:


The judge in this case does have a general election opponent.

We know nothing about Jessica Voyce Lewis beyond the fact that she's not Eric Moye.  Apparently, she's a lawyer in Dallas who specializes in bankruptcy law.  You can read her law firm bio here.

Nobody should be under any illusions about this race.  Jessica Voyce Lewis doesn't even have a campaign website.  That's why we had to link to her bio from the law firm.

Still...she filed...and her name is on the ballot.

That's not a bad start.

Jessica Voyce Lewis doesn't need to defeat the incumbent.  She just needs to raise enough money to make the incumbent's actions widely known.  If she can do that, she's likely to outperform the rest of her ticket.

If she can make the incumbent's re-election campaign unpleasant enough, that will likely alter future behavior.

All she needs to do is play this video (over and over):

Bottom Line:  Whatever ultimately happens, this is a great platform to publicize the incumbent's misdeeds.

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