Sunday, October 13, 2013

One way cool Christian Testimony

This is awesome:

  •  From a pure athiest perspective, a baby is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions.
    • That's obviously not true.
  • If you're searching spiritually "you might want to start with the one major world religion whose founder claimed to be God.
    • It's a really easy claim to disprove
  • Early Christians had NOTHING to gain (in this world). 
You can read more about Jennifer here.


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    1. Dude, why did you remove that?!? It was awseome!!!

    2. Because I can't type well at all and it drove me nuts to see the errors!
      Turned 60 today so chances are I'll not get any better! LOL
      I put it back fixed below... thnx

  2. I am the eldest child (and son) son of two atheist teachers who became hard left Democrat politicians. (My father was asked to run a DEM presidential campaign) MY father planned that I would be a Senator or congressman, or Gov of IL.
    ( I had great respect for both of my parents.)
    I was raised leftist and activist. Parents would not buy a TV so I read all the time. I had a post grad vocab when 13 yrs old. Sometime around age 10 to 12, I asked my father about communism and was told "It's just another political system, no better or worse than ours". In prep school I was forced to read a book called "YOU CAN TRUST A COMMUNIST TO BE A COMMUNIST". I dismissed this as yellow journalism. It was so outrageous in it's condemnations and so unlike what my parents, the media, and all the leftists I'd been surrounded by described. I was a Dem Senate page and later still burned my draft card. I rioted and gave speeches. After my 1st yr and a half of college I decided to hitchhike around Europe (1973) and during this 4 months I went behind the iron curtain.
    I can not describe the shock and dismay I experienced.
    I discovered in one day the book I dismissed was the truth and I had been lied to by most of my teachers and parents, mostly out of abject ignorance and their willingness to believe the mass media.
    This shook me deeply and I mulled on it for the rest of the trip. When i came back to the US after 4 months i declared that i would no longer read one side of anything....ever. And at least as importantly I would never again allow one side to tell me what the other side said. I would read their words and see the real context. I began to fact check ALL of the crap I was fed.
    I studied all the major religions and very quickly discovered that only the Judeo/Christian belief offered any sort of proof via it's many prophesies and detailed history. I spent 2 yrs trying to disprove the Bible. I read all of the junk that claimed to prove the Bible was full of contradictions. Unlike most of the pseudo-intellectuals who do this I also studied the books that offered the answers to those accusations and I studied the GK & HEB to verify they were correct.
    Needless to say GOD and HIS word held up fine.
    From that point on I tested every doctrinal point by the same methods. And since GOD's word is always true and HE has not changed I am in that sub-group of the Church that believes we are meant to be doing everything CHRIST did..(not playing with snakes BTW) . We should be REALLY disciplining each other (and almost no one is) we should be casting out demons (the #1 thing CHRIST did), and so on.
    Since I REALLY chose to believe I turned over the decision for who I'd marry to GOD and whether I'd have kids, and when. Hence I have the happiest marriage I have ever seen and the best kids I have ever seen, and they are choosing to follow the same path. The peace and fulfillment that come with giving CHRIST lordship over your life are very real, but also are measured.
    Whatever measure of faith you choose to walk in will be the measure by which the LORD works in your life.
    As the 1st child/son I was to be a political star and became a huge disappoinment to my parents. But what they saw GOD doing im my life brought them both to HIM.
    The thing that amazed them most were our children. You may well be impressed by what you see but I promise it's nothing compared to the kind of ppl they are in person.
    And it's all GOD's doing....
    Click on the names in the upper left corner to see what I mean;

    1. I still managed to disappoint myself with 'dissapoinment"...geez...


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