Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Drew Springer joins Team Tampon

"But they are altogether dull-hearted and foolish;
A wooden idol is a worthless doctrine."
Jeremiah 10:8

From time, at least in Texas, the pro-Abortion left likes to engage in tampon related stunts.  In 2013, they had the tampon trampoline.  Heading into this upcoming legislative session, multiple Democrats have filed bills to create new subsidies for Tampons.

Now, it appears a Republican wants to get in on the act:
State Rep. Drew Springer, R-Muenster, the only Republican to file a tampon tax cut bill, said he began hearing from constituents who saw the headlines when other states passed such laws. Springer said he started receiving emails and was approached by women at town hall meetings.

"They said, 'We saw what these states are doing, and we'd like to see the same thing happen in Texas,'" Springer said. "We have the ability to say, 'I'm going to buy a Coke.' I make that choice freely. Ladies don't have the same option. [Tampons] can easily be classified as a medical property item."


Springer said the only opposition he can foresee on the tax exemption would be related to the loss of tax revenue, given that Texas is already under a tight budget biennium.
This is a classic example of government picking winners and losers via the tax code.  If we're going to tax consumer products, then we should tax all of them consistently.  That we've previously created politically favored (ie. those who can afford good lobbyists) categories of "medical property items" doesn't mean we should make the problem worse by creating new categories of special taxation.

(Sidenote: This is also why we oppose "tax free weekends" for hunting and fishing.)

Then there's the fact that tampons are a classic go-to move for the pro-Abortion SJW's.  Why would any Republican in their right mind want to give any sort of 'bi-partisan' political cover for this sort of nonsense?!?  Oh that's right, this is the Texas House we're talking about....

One final thought: If we eliminated exemptions and carve outs, that dopey sales tax scheme that Drew Springer backed last session might just become economically meaningful.

Bottom Line: Making the tax code more complicated and pandering to the SJW left...what's not to LOVE?!?

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