Thursday, February 20, 2020

#TXLEGE: "Behind the Scenes" in the Legislature

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."
Ephesians 5:11

Nothing quite like an former officeholder who's now unshackled.

Don Huffines has been speaking about the reality of his experience in the legislature for some time.  He gave similar remarks at Empower Texans gala in December.  His recent appearance at the True Texas Project is, at least to our knowledge, the first time it's been recorded.

  • Decided to run for office because the incumbent (John Carona) became a liberal over his time in office.
  • Abolished an obscure quasi-educational agency: "A rats nest of crooks."
    • "We uncovered the biggest political corruption scandal in the history of the state of Texas."
    • "We discovered these people were stealing a lot of money."
    • "Over 3000 employees."
    • At least 5 employees are currently in prison, with more potentially coming soon.
  • "I didn't get a lot of help in Austin."
    • "I didn't get any support of the Governor."
    • "I got nothing but opposition from the speaker of the house."
    • The Lt. Governor wasn't particularly helpful, but didn't actively work against him either.
  • First Republican caucus meeting:
    • Took the party platform with him.
    • Wanted a vote on Constitutional Carry so that voters could hold Senators accountable.
      • 3 Senators left..."it was VERY awkward."
      • The next morning, he was told to apologize to the other Senators.
    • Republican Senators are willing to be held accountable to the media and lobbyists, but not their own voters.
  • "I don't know if you know this or not, but they don't like you...As a matter of fact, they hate you."
  • "They belittle you, they laugh at you...they ridicule our state party platform."
  • "Have you ever seen our Governor talk about our state party platform?!?"
    • Likewise the other statewides.
  • "They don't believe in what you want."
  • "We have never not had a purple session."
  • "Democrats ran this state for 125 years, for the past 20 years you've had Democrat party switchers running it."
    • Note: This point CANNOT possibly be emphasized enough.  The only difference today is that all the local Good Ol' Boys run in the R primary instead of the D.  Texas has NEVER been a conservative state.  It's been a deeply corrupt, crony "capitalist" state for 150 years.
  • "We've never had a conservative session."
  • "If we wanted a secure border, that border would be secure."
  • "Did you hear a whisper on education freedom?!?"
  • Election integrity: "We know we're being cheated.  We know dead people vote."
    • We know thousands of non-citizens are voting, could be significantly higher.
    • Abbott was Attorney General for 12 years and never did anything about voter fraud.
      • Paxton hasn't been much better.
    • "When I lost my election in '18, there was evidence presented to me that we might have a problem."
    • The biggest issue is software manipulation: "If they can program a computer to count the votes, they can program a computer to change the votes."
    • Yet it was the GOP who killed the election integrity bill.
    • His attorney quit because he didn't want to be on the outs with the Governor.
  • Socialism: "The Democrats want to get there today, the Republicans want to get there next week."

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