Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obama’s Strategic Objectives and Ted Cruz

Mission Statement: To properly define Obama’s strategic objectives and call Congress to action.
-          Illustrate how Obama’s Actions clarify those Strategic Objectives
-          History: Woodrow Wilson and Hugo Chavez
-          Solutions: Congress not POTUS race

Why: Obama is advancing long-term strategic objectives that, if successful, will radically alter the relationship between citizens and the government.  Our solutions, therefore, must focus on neutralizing and reversing Obama while restoring the constitutional balance the founders intended.  In 2012, we need to teach the public about Obama’s real intentions and begin to take EFFECTIVE countermeasures if we want to have any sort of country left by 2013.

Why Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz says he wants to lead.  Does any other Conservative Candidate Combine Cruz’s Credentials on the Constitution and Cuba?!?  That’s why Ted Cruz is in a unique position….

What’s in it for Ted Cruz: Mostly, doing the right thing for the country; that said, if Ted Cruz properly defines Obama’s strategic objectives and proposes effective countermeasures he’ll become a hero to conservatives that will make him a shoo-in in his election.

What downside exists for Ted Cruz: That depends on whether you want to stay under the media radar; they’ll target you, but you don’t need them.

1)       Illustrate how Obama ruthlessly peruses strategic objectives to which he’d NEVER admit in Public
a)       Obama’s broadest strategic objective is to replace individual sovereignty with rule by technocracy and to do it he’s willing to provoke a constitutional Crisis while daring the rest of us to stop him.
i)         We’re not living in normal times, normal times ended when they passed Obamacare
ii)       The survival of the U.S. as a constitutional republic is in peril.
(a)     President Obama treats consent of the governed as an afterthought
iii)      Obama is at War with a Constitution he views as a ‘document of negative liberties’ that inhibits his ambitions.
(a)     President Obama regularly exceeds the bounds of his Article II authority, doing his will first and waiting (or not) for the courts and Congress to catch up; paraphrase of a Jonah Goldberg quote about Woodrow Wilson.
iv)      If you listen closely to President Obama’s December speech in Kansas, he’s openly and proudly hostile to individual sovereignty.
b)       In order to accomplish this broad objective, President Obama is pursuing three sub-strategies: transform policymaking, transform the economy, and entrench as much as possible before January 2013.
i)         Transform Policymaking: Replace the Article I powers of Congress with fiat from unaccountable, extraconstitutional, and potentially dictatorial commissions and czars.
(a)     President Obama believes that most Americans are bitter rubes clinging to guns and religion with antipathy towards people who are not like them; they need a socialist aristocracy to force them to live the ‘proper’ way.
(b)     Briefly touch on Philip Dru
(i)       This is evil stuff; Dr. Mengele was a czar who reported to a comission
(c)     Evidence: Medi/Obamacare IPADP and CFPB; rule by czars
ii)       Transform the Economy: Obama doesn’t want productive economic activity as we’ve traditionally defined it, he wants an economy where everyone is a welfare recipient, a government employee, or working with some nominally ‘private’ or ‘non-profit’ entity aligned with the political agenda of the government.
(a)     Obama understands that once he gets a business or a citizen on welfare, no matter how much they might hate it, the Government owns their soul.
(i)       Nearly half of Americans receive government so-called ‘benefits’
(b)     Extended periods on welfare destroy initiative and degrade the soul, which is why President Obama repeatedly expands corporate subsidies and extends unemployment ‘so-called’ benefits.
(c)     If Obama were sincerely interested in productive economic activity, he would have changed course by now.
(i)       Keystone Pipeline is the most recent example
(ii)     ‘Whose ass to Kick’ in the middle of Gulf Oil Spill
(d)     Whatever Obama claims about Corporate America, he loves to use bailouts, corporate subsidies, and crony socialism to expand and entrench the reach of a corrupt and malevolent government
(e)     Evidence: EVERYTHING he’s done economically
iii)      Entrench EVERYTHING: President Obama knows that if he can entrench government goodies and unaccountable, extraconstitutional, potentially dictatorial commissions and czars in 2012; Mitt Romney’s cautious, callow Washington D.C. will hesitate to unwind them in 2013.
(a)     Evidence: Non-recess “Recess” Appointments

2)       History:
a)       Hugo Chavez:
i)         History teaches us to take the words of narcissistic demagogues with delusions of grandeur VERY seriously.
ii)       Still working on the details but the broad similarities are obvious!
b)       Woodrow Wilson:
i)         IT ALREADY HAS happened here
(a)     Re-hash Jonah Goldberg paraphrase
(b)     Longer Exposition on Philip Dru
(c)     Most of Wilson’s police state didn’t emerge until his second term
ii)       Larger exposition on Wilson’s vision for the League of Nations and Obama’s Actions in Libya
(a)     U.N. Security Council and Arab League have usurped Congress; Congress approved Iraq.
(b)     Wilson openly boasted about how WWI wasn’t in the national interest
(c)     Responsibility to Protect
(d)     “While George W. Bush embraced certain aspects of Wilsonianism out of regrettable ignorance, at least he had Congressional approval in doing so; President Obama embraces full throated Wilsonianism out of conscious malevolence.
(e)     Quick note on Agenda 21

3)       Countermeasures:
a)       The Long-Term Solution is Perry’s Uproot and Overhaul
i)         Washington D.C. should have the lowest property values in the nation
b)       In the shorter run, the Presidential Election is a distraction and a trap; the REAL ACTION IS IN CONGRESS!!!
i)         Obama’s tactical political objective is to draw Congressional Republicans into a never-ending debate over process, while demonizing the GOP POTUS nominee, to demoralize and distract the public while Obama entrenches his strategic objectives.
(a)     ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ is a rhetorical ploy to allow President Obama to claim a ‘mandate’ to permanently sideline Congress in the event of a (God Forbid) second term
ii)       Although Obama would love another five years, one cannot overstate the potentially permanent damage Obama can inflict between now and January 2013.
iii)      Obama, the Democrats, and the Media will attempt to deceive and intimidate Congressional Republicans into abandoning the Tea Party; they do this because losing Obama’s rubber stamp and exposing their own corruption and malevolence frightens the ever-loving daylights out of them
iv)      Until Republicans in Congress grow a spine, the Tea Party is the only brake on Obama.
v)       We’re calling on Congressional Republicans to grow that spine.
vi)      In 2012, Congressional Republicans can atone for the squandered gifts of 2011.  No matter what they do, President Obama intends to accuse Congressional Republicans of obstruction while his czars and commissions (both domestic and foreign) usurp their authority under Article I, so why not actually obstruct?!?
vii)    The purpose of the constitution is to obstruct potential demagogic dictators like Barack Obama
c)       Congress needs to re-assert its Article 1 authority by imposing an escalating set of parliamentary, legislative, and financial sanctions on the administration backed by the CREDIBLE SET OF IMPEACHMENT should President Obama refuse to comply.
i)         If President Obama continues to provoke a constitutional crisis in direct defiance of Congress and the American People, he does so at his own political peril.
ii)       “We Don’t Control the Senate” is a bogus excuse
(1)     Call Allan West out by name.

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