Sunday, January 8, 2012

GBTV: That's Raaacist!!! :)

GBTV: That’s Raaacist!!! :)

Mission Statement: To Mock the Race Card into Irrelevance

How: A racist parody of the classic 1970’s cartoon “Superfriends,” a ‘diverse’ group of stereotypes thwarts the nefarious plans of Radical Marxists and Radical Muzzies working together to Collapse Capitalism while provoking Hurricane Katrina on a Global Scale.

Why: Obama intends to ‘win’ re-election by rubbing the social fabric of this country RAW via the race card; this inoculates the public.

Episode Structure: An over-the-top parody of “Superfriends”; each episode our heros, a collection of the most common Stereotypes in America, weave through a maze of lesser stereotypes in order to foil the Marxists and Muzzies.

Sample Episodes:
-          The Clitoridectomy
-          Orgies for Poverty
-          A Mosque Grows in Brooklyn
-          Framing the Police
-          Infiltrating the Military
-          Putting Terrorists on Welfare to Collapse the Economy
-          Taking over Education

Character Guidelines: The main characters are major racial stereotypes.  The lesser characters are lesser stereotypes.  The bad guys are Marxists and Muzzies.

Sample Characters:
-          Honky, the Alpha Male; White Southern Christian
-          Sambo the Negro
-          Simon the Asian Homework Monster
-          Pepe the Mexican
-          Hussein bin Muzzie (ie. Barack Obama)
-          Aging Marxist Male (ie. Bill Ayres or Richard Cloward)
-          Aging Marxist Female (ie. Francis Fox-Piven)

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