Saturday, January 7, 2012

GBTV: The Third Coast

GBTV: The Third Coast

Mission Statement: To celebrate, encourage, and fortify those kids who reject national decline and who are willing to do the work necessary to reverse it.

How: Following Seven Texans under 30 through a dream summer on South Padre Island, TX where, unlike a certain other beach-themed reality show, they actually accomplish something.

Why: We need to inspire twenty-somethings to act like their best selves, instead of excusing them at their worst. Everyone is subject to internal struggles between good and evil; GBTV’s task is to encourage the former while downplaying the latter. Most kids want to do the right thing, but no one has shown them how.

Episode Structure: Each episode will feature the kids actually accomplishing something while simultaneously illustrating some quasi-political aspect of why America is so screwed up; to the extent that these kids drink and party, it’s to celebrate a job well done, NOT as the central plot element of the episode.

Sample themes:
- How to Pursue Your Dreams
- How Marxists Use Sex as Mind Control
- Teaching Young Kids the Constitution
- Starting a Business and Regulatory Compliance
- Crisis Pregnancy
- Designing a Self-Education Platform
- Border Security and Service Project for Brian Terry’s Family

Character Guidelines: These kids are going to be action-oriented, classy, hardcore, outrageous, and responsible. They will all have goals backed by plans on which they’re taking action. They’ll occupy various locations on the partying and promiscuity continnums, but none will be defined by these parts of their lives.

Character Archetypes:
- Hot, Blonde, Texas Alpha-Female (UT co-ed)
- Colt McCoy meets Scotty McCreary
- Charmingly Outrageous Right-Wing Rocker/Stoner
- A Minister’s Daughter
- A Black Dude; Iraq Veteran
- A Miranda Lambert
- An Entreprenneurial Homemaker

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