Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Obama Can't Win and Wants Chaos -- The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

It's been clear to me for some time that Barack Obama can't win, he knows he can't win, and he's deliberately sowing chaos along with the Hard Left to prevent his successor (Hint: This Guy) from unwinding his previous legislative 'accomplishments.'.

People don't necessarily agree that Obama can't win, and I'm going to catalog the reasons why at some point soon.  I've already sat down to do this, but it's a MAJOR undertaking and it's going to take some time to do it right.  I ask for your patience.

In the meantime, just today we had an example of an action coming out of the Obama administration that makes zero sense from the perspective of winning an election, but makes all the sense in the world from the perspective of chaos and crony capitalism.

Today, you had the Obama White House leak that they would release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve followed almost immediately by a retraction.

This makes ZERO sense from the perspective of winning an election; consider...

1) Voters know it's a gimmick, releasing SPR oil never lowers prices.
2) Even if you think the voters are stupid, you wouldn't do it 8 months before the election
3) You wouldn't release the information this clumsily; releasing this information this clumsily both creates uncertainty in financial markets AND it makes your campaign look inept.

If, on the other hand, your goal isn't re-election, but chaos, this begins to make sense.  I don't pretend to have access to any inside information about Obama's real motives, but consider:

1) Market Uncertainty gives Crony Socialist insiders opportunities to make oodles of money.
2) There was Major Uncertainty Over Energy leading up to the 2008 crash
3) Market Uncertainty hurts the economy, which makes sense if you want people on Food Stamps and prepared to riot if your successor tries to cut food stamps next year.

Again, doing this move this clumsily makes no sense from the perspective of winning an election, but makes all kinds of sense from the perspective of Creating Chaos and Crony Capitalism.

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