Thursday, April 3, 2014

ACTION ALERT: Texans Needed To Testify at SBOE Meeting (Next Tuesday)

Donna Garner alerts to the next round of SBOE shenanigans:
To: Concerned Texas Citizens

From: Donna Garner

I believe our position should be that we want no new courses such as Mexican-American Studies or Ethnic Studies to be added to already over-burdened school districts that are trying to cope with the 5 new endorsements, foundation program, and other requirements under HB 5. Even calling the course Ethnic Studies would end up emphasizing ethnic/racial differences among students at a time when schools are trying so hard to create unity among the students and faculty.

I believe this Mexican American course is a direct attempt by the Democrats to turn Texas blue and that we need to stand firmly against it – creating no compromises (i.e., Ethnic Studies Course). The definitions posted below should help keep us all on the same page.


First, I have posted some definitions further on down this page that I believe will help in the upcoming SBOE meeting. I believe it is very important for like-minded conservatives to “define the terms” rather than allowing others to do so. The term needs to be Hispanic and not Mexican-American. Mexican-American is very discriminatory and much too inclusive. By defining the terms early-on, those who want to use the term Mexican-American will be identified as being discriminatory and inclusive (which they are).

Second, I hope that an attorney will testify. The attorney needs to build the case that a Mexican-American course would be highly discriminatory to other language groups, races, and ethnicities.

Third, it would be good to get demographic information from Houston ISD. I think I remember reading that HISD has hundreds of different language groups in it. A Mexican-American course would be highly discriminatory to the other language groups. (It should not be difficult to get this language group, demographic information from Houston ISD or from the TEA.)

Fourth, these questions need to be asked and answered: Under state law, can local school districts offer courses for local credit? Do those courses have to be approved by the SBOE and/or the TEA? It could be that if the voters in Ysleta ISD want to offer this multicultural/politically correct course for local credit, then they could offer local credit for it. Does the SBOE need to be brought into this issue at all – either with a Mexican-American Studies Course or an Ethnic Studies Course? The curriculum is already so full now that teachers cannot teach everything they need to teach. Why add any more courses, particularly those that could become a hotbed for indoctrination and controversy? It is evident that there is nothing that we can do to satisfy the left-leaners. If we move a little bit left, they want more. If we go all the way to their side, they still want more. I believe our best position is to make a stand, do not apologize for it, clearly state our position, and then let the chips fall. This is the way to stop the bullying and intimidation that has become so prevalent under the Obama admin. If we keep compromising, then we will keep losing our conservative principles.
Learn how to testify before the SBOE here.

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