Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About Governor Perry: An Open Letter to Travis County Democrats

"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."
Exodus 20:16

Dear Travis County Democrats,

Following the nomination of Sarah Eckhadt, we were fine.  Our worst fears assuaged, Cahnman's Musings was looking to engage in activities not related to local politics.  Then you pull this bullshit:
Mr. Perry is the subject of a criminal investigation in Austin over his handling of the local district attorney’s drunken driving arrest and the state financing for a public corruption unit under the district attorney’s control.
The charge is frivolous and won't withstand minimal scrutiny, as Michael Quinn Sullivan explains:
Many elected officials called for her [Lehmberg] to step down, but she refused. Perry threatened to veto the unit’s funding if she did not, and then later made good on the promise, questioning the legitimacy of the office under her leadership.

The liberal activist group, Texans for Public Justice, which brought the complaint against Perry has a long history of dogging conservatives. A report by Texans for Lawsuit Reform described it as being set-up by “veteran operatives of leftist, out-of-state organizations.”

“TPJ’s main mode of derision is a steady stream of reports targeting campaign contributions,” the report noted.

The group “has used an array of slanted, self-published reports to criticize a select segment of this state’s political spectrum,” according to the report. “The targets of TPJ’s attacks are almost exclusively Republicans, business leaders and organizations, and those interested in the reform of Texas’ civil justice system.”


“Every decade or so, Travis County liberals trump up false charges and try to indict a sitting Republican official, garnering many headlines for claims that are ultimately thrown out or overturned in court,” said Sullivan. “Governor Perry's actions were completely consistent with the Texas Constitution and aimed at preventing an embarrassing and admitted law-breaker from administrating the state's public integrity unit.”
This isn't about the charge.  It's about using the Travis County DA's office to create a bad headline for a Texas Republican.  And the fact that they have the chutzpah to pull something like this after the egregious misconduct of Lehmberg reveals Travis County Democrats haven't changed.

And therein lies our word of caution to Travis County Democrats.

The Travis County D.A. isn't up until 2016.  Following sine die of the 84th Legislature, this website doesn't have any 2016 political priorities.  We don't care about the next President.  If y'all continue this bullshit, we will have nothing better to do with our time than to elect a conservative District Attorney in Travis County.  We might not get the D.A.'s office in '16, but we can come a lot closer and set things up to make your life miserable heading into 2020.

Do not underestimate our persistence.

The Travis County District Attorney has been abusing power for decades.  Liberty minded folks in Travis County have always let the D.A. slide.  It never seemed like removing the D.A. was worth the work it would take.  After this past week, it might be.  Choose your move carefully, Travis County Democrats.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
April 23, 2014

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