Friday, October 10, 2014

Partying with Austin's Future Taxpayer Friendly Leaders

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice."
Proverbs 29:2 (a)

Local Voice Solutions -- Tonight, taxpayer friendly candidates in 6 of Austin's 10 city council districts spoke at an event in East Austin.  The candidates discussed affordability and the role that Austin's massive, boondoggle prone, city government plays in exacerbating that problem.  This website bring you their remarks in full.

Michael Cargill, District 1:

  • Most conservative candidate in District 1 on the subject of firearms.
  • Running to obstruct Mike Martinez's gun grabbing agenda.
  • "We're going to maintain all of our constitutional rights."
  • Plan for traffic: Widen 183, as a free road, to give commercial traffic a viable path around Downtown Austin.
    • Austin is one of the few major cities in America where big trucks pass through downtown.
  • Sell "Prime Real Estate" downtown and relocate city offices to the outskirts of the city.
  • "We don't need that rail, that rail to nowhere...."
 Jay Wiley, District 6:

  • "I'm running because we need a new voice for taxpayers at City Hall...we've never had that before."
  • "Here's the big picture.  The big picture is that the affordability problem we have in Austin is the direct result of a big and expensive local government.  We've seen what big, expensive government looks like.  It looks like Higher property tax bills, and worse energy bills every month, and it looks like worse and worse traffic every day because we've got all the wrong priorities at City Hall."
  • "What I want to do is I want to lower taxes, I want to lessen the bureaucratic largesse at City Hall, and ... most importantly change the culture at City Hall to one that's fiscally responsible and respects taxpayers."
  • "We are weeks away from putting the first conservatives on Austin City Council in my lifetime; let's get it done."
Ellen Troxclair, District 8 (She likes puppies and Uber):

  • Over a decade of public policy experice at the Capitol combined with real world experience in the Real Estate industry.
  • Not a day goes by, either in the campaign or her business, where she doesn't hear about how the Austin CC's decision are negative effecting resident of District 8.
  •  "Seems like every year in Austin our cost of living is increasing while our quality of life is not improving."
  • It took conversations with thousands of voters before she met her first voter who said property taxes weren't too high...and that person was a recent California transplant.
    • Author's Note: We welcome California transplants to long as you don't vote for the same crap policies that ruined California.
  • "I don't think that our goal, as Austinites, should be to be slightly better than California."
Ed English, District 7:

  • "I'm running for a lot of reasons that fall under the umbrella of fiscal responsiblility."
  • "I want to be part of a council" that ends wasteful spending and gives taxpayers real relief.
  • Donated "several thousand hours" over "a two year period" to pass 10-1 in the first place.
  • Seize this opportunity to represent the citizens.
  • Only candidate in his district that has worked in the private sector.
  • First candidate, in any district, to oppose the rail bond tax hike...aka. Leffingwell Loser!!!
Erin McGann, District 9:

  • Background in finance, auditing, and budget review.
  • "I am running for city council because our budget is entirely too fat, our spending is not very judicious, and we've got a lot of unicorns and glitter sitting around city hall and not very much bricks and mortar."
  • "My opponents are being strongly supported by the status quo and by all of the special interests in Austin so I am being seriously outspent."
    • Author's note: Donate here.
  •  Needs blockwalkers and phonebankers.
Bill Worsham, District 10:

  •  "It is way past time to just talk about the traffic, the cost of living, and the red tape that we have to endure in the city of Austin.  
  • Endorsed by TAG and TFL.
  • Specifically committed to reducing red tape for resturant owners.
  • "We are right on the issues of this campaign"
  • Opponents are imitating their campaign...."we are the rocket that's ready to launch."

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