Thursday, October 9, 2014

David Barton Wins Million Dollar Defamation Lawsuit

"[R]ejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer"
Romans 12:12

Good for Barton:
David Barton is the founder of WallBuilders; he is is one of the foremost experts on early American history and has tens of thousands of original writings from the Founding Era (

Mr. Barton and other history experts helped the SBOE to produce the most fact-based, patriotic curriculum standards in the entire United States. For instance, as part of the TEKS, Texas students are required to spend a week every year (K-12) studying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The TEKS standards emphasize American exceptionalism while presenting a balanced view of history. Many American heroes and heroines of character and of color were added to the new Social Studies TEKS.

For his trouble, David Barton was vilified by the leftwing media and such organizations as Texas Freedom Network.


During the years that Ken Mercer has served on the SBOE, he has had a number of “questionable” challengers. Among them are Judy A. Jennings and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau.

While these women were running against Mercer, they leaned heavily on Texas Freedom Network to provide them with campaign rhetoric; and they worked with Scott Garrison, a political consultant, to produce a campaign video. In it, they tried to discredit Ken Mercer by blasting David Barton and WallBuilders as being white supremacists.

Guess what…David Barton/WallBuilders has sued Jennings/Metereau for defamation of character. David Barton/WallBuilders won, and now Jennings/Metereau have to pay him and his WallBuilders $1,000,000! How is that for justice served?

I suspect the next move for Jennings/Metereau may be to counter-sue Texas Freedom Network/Scott Garrison for providing bogus information about David Barton/WallBuilders.

David Barton is anything but a white supremacist. He and other patriots just like him are battling to preserve America’s rich Judeo-Christian heritage so that this and the next generation will be willing to give their lives to preserve it.


It is very encouraging to know that “open season” on conservatives has its limits. Good for David Barton/WallBuilders!

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