Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Amendment Tuesday: Week 2

"and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel,"
Ephesians 6:19

Life, Liberty, and Property coalition held their second "First Amendment Tuesday" this morning:

Tony McDonald (Empower Texans) (Partial):

  • Review of "lobbying" rules.
  • Defeated attempt to expand the impeachment committee.
  • Good changes for conservatives in House rules.
  • Biggest change was 2/3rds rule in Senate.
  • Rumor mill says House committee assignments will come out at the end of this week.
  • Pressure the Lite Guv to refer Constitutional carry to state affairs committee rather than Criminal Jurisprudence.

  • No good piece of legislation passes automatically.
  • Members care more about what their constituents think than "advocates."
  • We can have a civil relationship with people with whom we disagree.
  • Staff is important.
  • Explain why you care about the issue.
  • Keep literature to ONE PAGE.
    • Don't trust staffers to take good notes.
  • Beware of delay tactics that offices use:
    • They don't want to commit on bills.
    • Office Tour
    • Life Stories: Theirs or Yours.
  • If legislators refuse to commit, ask them what they need then follow up.
Ann Hettinger (Concerned Women for America -- Texas):

  • CWA has prayer chapters all around the state.
  • Capitol Library on second floor will print out bills.
Cathie Adams (Texas Eagle Forum):

  • Reassembling a coalition has been the most effective thing we've done in a long time.
  • CleanupAustin.com
    • Legislators tie their retirements to district judges.
    • Slush funds.
  • HB 562 (Leach) - American Laws for American Courts.
  • HB 623 (Bell) - Marriage Bill
    • This has already been decided by the people of Texas.
David Walls (Texas Values):

  • Loosely related to Focus on the Family.
  • Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty.
  • Religious Liberty Amendment (SJR 10)
  • Our guys need encouragement.
Jeremy Newman (Texas Homeschool Coalition):

  • They deal closely with Parental Rights issues.
  • Tim Tebow bill.
  • "Child Possession" loophole.
  • Possible Parental rights amendment.
  • Aycock sat on Tebow bill last session.
Dustin Matocha (Empower Texans):

  • Constitutional Spending Limit.
  • Zero based budgeting.
  • Eliminate Margins Tax.

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