Thursday, January 15, 2015

Straus sucks up to taxpayer funded lobbyists

"He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck,
Will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy."
Proverbs 29:1

Well...THIS is certainly revealing:
These are not great times to be in public office. Gridlock in Washington has left little confidence in elected officials at any level of government to address big challenges. This inaction on pressing national issues fosters frustration and cynicism among the public.

But just like many of you who lead Texas counties, we in the Texas House of Representatives believe there’s a better way to do things. We know that voters want us to build consensus around solutions that affect their everyday lives and our shared future as Texans. We also understand that rapid population growth leaves us no other choice but to address some very serious challenges.

Working together to produce meaningful solutions: that’s what happens in county courthouses every week and that’s what will continue to happen in the Texas House. Here’s hoping Washington will begin to follow the example we’ve set.
The Texas Association of Counties (along with the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Municipal League) is one of the big three of parasitic taxpayer funded lobbyists in this state; for Joe Straus to place an op-ed in their publication tells you everything you need to know about Joe Straus.

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