Friday, January 30, 2015

Thousands Rally for School Choice at Capitol

"Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go;
Keep her, for she is your life."
Proverbs 4:13

Texas State Capitol -- Earlier today, 2500 people marched on Texas' capitol to demand the 84th #TXLEGE illustrate that "it is time for school choice in Texas."  Because all children learn differently, a one-size-fits-all government school system is doomed to fail.  The joyus celebration featured children, parents, and elected officials.

Senator Donna Campbell:

  • Thank you Texas for supporting School Choice.
  • "With school choice every child gets a voice."
  • "No child should be trapped in a failing, chronically under performing, school."
  • The status quo "is a tragedy, created by government."
  • "We can not allow status quo to dictate who attends the best schools in our state."
  • "The time for the change is NOW!!!"
  • "School choice will make our bad schools better and our good schools GREAT!!!"

Sterling Griffith speaks on behalf of Virtual Education:

  • She has ADD.
  • She was bullied in the government schools.
  • The government schools forced her to choose between her education and her acting career.
  • In her virtual school, she talks to her teacher "way more than ever before."
  • Virtual school gives her more freedom and flexibility.

Ellecia Knoelle speaks on behalf of choice within the Government schools:

  • Naively assumed her neighborhood school was ok.
  • Resented friends who sent kids to private schools.
  • After giving up on government schools: "Thank God for school choice.
    • Eventually sends her kids to a magnet school.
  • Do not assume good ZIP codes ensure good schools.
  • Construction does not equal instruction.

Joni Mitchell (Houston Gateway Academy):

Daniel Serralde (The LIBRE Initiative):

  • Texas school districts employ 642,000 employees, only half of whom are teachers.
  • Texas leads the nation in growth of administrators.
  • Not all children have the same educational needs.

Margaret Ruff speaks on behalf of Private Schools:

  • By teaching in a private school she has flexibility to do her job.
  • I can make learning fun.
Joe Ten Brook speaks on Behalf of Charter Schools:

  • Too many students are stuck in destructive situations.
  • In the past, when the old system stopped working, people did something new.
  • Had a student who only learned English in a charter school.
Here's more of the flavor of the event:

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