Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Amendment Tuesday: Fire the Coaching Staff?!?

"and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel,"
Ephesians 6:19

First amendment Tuesday; it's certainly not boring!!!

Tony McDonald (Empower Texans) (Partial):

  • Joe Straus doesn't care about conservative priorities.
  • Every reform we're pursuing is opposed by someone whose livelihood depends on it.
  • "From a day to day, bill to bill, perspective," lobbyists control the process.
Emily Kebodeaux/Jim Graham (Texas Right to Life), Tony McDonald (Reprise):

  • We haven't heard a pro-Life bill on the floor yet.
  • Explains Sunset process.
  • J.D. Sheffield's five minute diatribe about how unborn babies had to be "dealt with" was complimented by Planned Parenthood.
  • Four Price pulled the bill to protect Straus from having to overrule Trey Martinez Fischer's point of order.
    • Cuts off members from being able to overrule Straus
  • 2 hearings later this week.
  • "Not one regular pro-Life bill has passed in Texas since 2003."
    • Songram and HB 2 only passed because Rick Perry put his foot down.
  • House only hearing watered down pro-Life bills; Senate has only heard one pro-Life bill period.
  • Texas' national pro-Life ranking is falling.
  • 600 bills have passed a chamber, only one on either life or 2A: "That's what they really think of the Republican platform."
  • In the 570 days between now and next session, 120,000 babies will be killed if the legislature fails to act now.
  • "If we do not win in the next 5 weeks, it is incumbent upon us to change the players on the field."

  • SB 1543 by Perry has passed.
  • Tebow bill had hearing in Senate.
  • Parental rights bill has had hearing in both chambers.


  • Oppose HB 742 by Huberty.
  • Marriage bills in Calendars.

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