Thursday, April 16, 2015

The extent of Sex Trafficking in Texas

"Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
And He saved them out of their distresses.
He sent His word and healed them,
And delivered them from their destructions.
Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
And for His wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:19-21

Texas State Capitol -- This morning, Texas Federation of Republican Women held a rally to pomote anti-human trafficking legislation currently in front of the legislature.  McClennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Toni McKinley of Crowns of Hope Texas spoke.  This is tough stuff, but you need to hear it.

Sheriff McNamara:

  • October sting: 20 arrests in 2 weeks.
  • "The creeps really came out of the woodwork."
  • "Every one of 'em" picked the minor.
  • 9 Johns in 5+ hours.
  • "It's unbelievable how sickos come out of the woodwork on social media."
  • People kept calling event after media attention.


  • Up to 300,000 American children are trafficked each year.
  • The most important thing to help recovery is mentors.
    • "We don't need pity, we don't need handouts, we need a mentor."
  • Minimum $10,000 a month to run these homes.

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