Monday, April 6, 2015

In-State Tuition supporters attempting to pack today's Senate hearing

"Do not remove the ancient landmark,
Nor enter the fields of the fatherless;"
Proverbs 23:10

[Author's Note: The committee livestream can be heard here.]

Texas State Capitol -- The Texas Senate subcommittee on Border Security is holding a hearing today on several bills.  The highest profile legislation under consideration is SB 1819, which would repeal in-state tuition at Texas' public Universities for illegal immigrants.  The committee gaveled in at 11 AM.

Predictably, supporters of in-state tuition have packed the committee room.  In addition to a full gallery in the room where the hearing is being held, they've also got a second overflow room nearly full.  We overheard one of the organizers say that their intention was to wear the committee down with sob stories.

In an attempt to elicit sympathy, they've even got the "dreamers" wearing caps and gowns:

While this website does not endorse a particularly hard-line on border and immigration related issues, we find the self-entitled narcissism of the so-called "dreamers" to be detestable.

As of 1:54 PM, the committee had yet to take up the repeal bill.  If you're within' three hours of the Capitol and wish to testify, there's still time to make it.  It's going to be a late night.


The following video is a representative sample of what's been going on outside the committee room:


Here's the over the top press conference the pro In-State tuition people held this morning:

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