Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Texas House creates ANOTHER Open Carry Hurdle

"Though his hatred is covered by deceit,
His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly."
Proverbs 26:26

Shortly after 6pm this evening, the Texas House failed to concur with the Senate version of HB 910, the (already watered down) open carry bill.  This means the bill will go to a conference committee.  Both chambers will now have to approve a conference report.

Also worth noting is that House leadership appointed Panic-button Poncho and Charlie Geren to the conference committee.

Senator John Whitmire (D - Houston) has already vowed to filibuster the bill if it hits the Senate floor late enough.  It's often said in the Texas Legislature that "delay equals death."  Read into that what you will.


The Trib has more here.


Don Huffines put out the following statement:
Our police officers in Texas do amazing work and act as professionals under the most difficult of circumstances. I have...
Posted by Don Huffines on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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