Monday, May 25, 2015

#TXLEGE attempting Common Core Backdoor

"Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man,
But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel."
Proverbs 20:17

Oh good grief, from Texas Eagle Forum:
sTexas Eagle Forum is also alerting you to help stop a pincer-type attack scheduled in both the House and the Senate on Monday, May 25.

SB 313 by Seliger is on the House General State Calendar today, Monday, May 25 – NOT on the Senate Local and Uncontested Calendar for Sunday, as incorrectly reported in our May 24 Alert.

HB 2811 by Ken King is on the Senate Calendar, under Regular Order of Business today, Monday, May 25 - NOT on the House Daily Calendar for Sunday, as incorrectly reported in our May 24 Alert.

These are identical bills, and this scheme MUST be stopped!!


Reasons to vote “NO” on SB 313 and HB 2811:

· Bills are unnecessary – the SBOE is already working on reducing the number of TEKS taught.

· Exposes our outstanding Type#1 (traditional, fact-based) English / Language Arts / Reading TEKS, Math TEKS, and pro-American Social Studies TEKS to being re-written by progressives who will revert to Type #2 TEKS:

· Throws a monkey wrench into the TEKS revision

Cycle already set in place and functioning

· Robs the PSF – the children’s textbook fund

· Creates impossible task for the State Board of Education

· Provides opportunities for technology companies (one of which supported one of the bills) to make lots of money

These bills can come up at any time; time is of the essence!!!

Senator Kel Seliger:  (512) 463-0131

Representative Dan Huberty: (512) 463-0520

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  1. House Conferees: Appointed (05/29/2015) Aycock (Chair) | Allen | Crownover | Simmons | VanDeaver

    Senate Conferees: Appointed (05/28/2015) Seliger (Chair) | Eltife | Estes | Taylor, Larry | West


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