Thursday, July 9, 2015

CPS Kidnaps Children in Collin County Texas

"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."
Luke 17:2

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Over the past 24 hours, an astonishing case has arisen in a suburb north of Dallas; from a friend's Facebook page:
Details of the Rembis family CPS nightmare. Continue to pray, and please consider donating.
Via Pepper Hepler:
"Tonight I received a distressing FB message from a dear friend I've known for 20 some years informing me that CPS was coming to take her 11 children. I have been blessed with some great friends that were willing to stand with her and support her despite not knowing her. These friends have offered their services, time, homes and an abundance of prayers. Thank y'all for loving my sweet friend.
Claire was in the hospital last week for a couple days suffering from issues with her pancreas. During her brief stay, a woman from the church her son attended youth group at brought the family dinner while Claire's husband was away. This woman took issue with Claire's eldest sons (16, 14, & 12) caring for their siblings (minus the newborn) and contacted CPS. Whether it was this woman or someone in the agency, someone reported that the children had been left alone for 3 days in an unsafe, messy home. The older kids were only left in charge twice while she was in the hospital, once for roughly 8 hours and again for about 6 hours. CPS came to the house yesterday and looked in the windows. They were only able to see in to her twin girls' room, which (as I can attest with only one girl) was messy. (Seriously, can you imagine someone judging the condition of your home based on the cleanliness of your 8 year old's room?)
CPS had visiting Judge Curt Henderson of District Court 417 sign a court order for an emergency exparte without the family's or the family's lawyers' knowledge and without any investigation. They were contacted this evening and informed that they were coming to take the children.
The family spent the time waiting for CPS praying and talking about God's plan for each of them. When CPS arrived, Claire and her husband tried to reassure the children and say their painful goodbyes. While her husband was holding their 7 week old and saying goodbye to his girls, an officer asked to speak with him. An agent took their infant and he was arrested in front of the children for warrant from an expired vehicle registration. No one was allowed to say anything more to him. Claire was left with no one.
She has spoken to the woman who made the report. While hurt and angry, she takes comfort in having forgiven her. Claire's husband was let go of his management job almost two months ago when Claire had their newborn. She was having a lot of health issues and he asked for some time off to care for his family, they refused. Their van is in need of some repairs to get it running. Her husband needs to make bail, which I believe is $1,000. And lawyer expenses are going to be staggering. We have put a Fundly account together for her. Please be praying for provisions for this precious family."
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