Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#StickWithStickland: Have YOU had enough?!?

"And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;"
Romans 5:3

Jonathan Stickland's closing argument aptly summarizes the stakes across Texas:
Have you had enough yet? Are you as sick of gutter politics as my family is? Four years ago, you granted me the honor of a lifetime -- to serve you in the Texas Legislature. I made promises to every single one of you, and I delivered.

It is easy to campaign as a conservative because insiders and political consultants know grassroots voters are looking for it. Their lackeys will do or say anything to get elected so they can keep business as usual.

I say ENOUGH! Enough back room deals-- enough politicians who come with strings attached-- and enough with the good ole boys club telling us what is good for us while raiding our wallets. I went to Austin on a mission-- a mission to change the culture, to expose the hypocrisy, to restore our constitution, and to get government out of our way as much as possible.

Much to the Austin establishment’s dismay, I did exactly what I said I would do. I struck a nerve and helped light a grassroots fire that is spreading statewide. Dozens of patriots are rising up to challenge incumbent Republicans who vote with liberals. This race in House District 92 is the establishment's last hope. They are doing everything to take us out by running a campaign full of lies and deception hoping to cripple the conservative movement and set a new standard.

I am unapologetic about fighting for our Christian conservative values. I will not apologize for being the most conservative member of the legislature. I will promise you one thing -- I will never let you down. Austin has tried to break me and it didn’t happen. Now with the nastiest political consultant in the state, unlimited campaign dollars from the lobbyists, lies, deception, and the liberal media playing along, they are trying to destroy us. Together, we can repel their attacks and defend Texas liberty.

My pledge to you remains the same -- more freedom and less government. I ask for your prayers and your vote.

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