Thursday, February 11, 2016

JAY WILEY faces down incumbent in HD-47 Debate!!

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan."
Proverbs 29:2

Jay Wiley and Paul Workman held their first debate on the Trailer Park Show this past Monday:


Workman opening:

  • 911 service district
  • Named dropped a bunch of obscure local bills
  • Convention of States.
  • Wants to end sanctuary cities next session.
    • Author's Note: Ignores the fact that he's had three sessions to do so.
  • Property tax Appraisal reform
Wiley opening:
Workman - "Stalwart" on border security

Wiley - Texas can start a guest worker program, which Workman tried to do.

Workman - As much Parental choice as possible.
Wiley - Choice "as close to a magic bullet as we're going to get.

Black outreach:
Wiley - Economic liberty is for everyone
     - Not "interested in little groups."
     - Inspire people and multiply forces
Workman - RPT has an outreach director.

Top Issues:

Wiley - Property tax relief
  • Only Travis County Republican should HAMMER property taxes.
  • Hits Workman over the House's sales tax bs from last session.
  • Appraisal reform and abolish property taxes over the long run.
  • Sales taxes fairer than property taxes.
Workman - Water and Transportation (ie. Lobby issues)
Wiley - Straus isn't interested in property tax relief.
    - Simple Budget Reforms: Constitutional spending limits and zero based budgeting.

Relationships with other members;
Workman - Passing bills is "a lot of work."
Wiley - Grassroots coalition leaning on members.

Pot Legalization:
Wiley - Supports Medical and decriminalization.
Workman - "Absolutely opposed" "an awful idea."

Illegal Immigration:
Wiley - Enforce the law
Workman - Accuses Wiley of "wanting to load them up on busses."

Toll Roads:
Wiley - Opposed
Workman - For

Wiley: "If you're happy with your property tax bill, vote for the incumbent"

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