Thursday, February 15, 2018

#TXLEGE: Sarah Davis does what she does

"Her feet go down to death,
Her steps lay hold of hell."
Proverbs 5:5

What can you say about Sarah Davis?!?  We attended this morning's Trib event...and it didn't break new ground.  She's who she is.

Evan Smith did a thorough job discussing the numerous policy differences between Davis and the majority of her party (including the Governor).  Topics included Abortion, Property Taxes, Hurricane Harvey, and Davis' welfare expansion bill from last year's special session.  This ground is well-tread, and everybody knows where everybody stands.

During Q&A, we asked Davis about the debacle on the Coaching Staff for the U of H football team.  Davis replied that she was "saddened" by the decision and didn't try to defend U of H's decision in any way, shape, or form.  We were satisfied by Davis' answer.

View the event for yourself below:

  • Abbott letting lots of other's who opposed him off the hook.
  • Plays the feminist card: "I'm a woman [Abbott] can't control."
  • Argues semantics over late-term abortions: "We're not allowed to have thoughtful or nuanced positions."
  • "I'm not pro-death."
    • Evan Smith: "if you're explaining, you're losing."
  • Has an obvious chip on her shoulder against Jonathan Stickland.
  • Doesn't disclose who she voted for for President.
    • Evan Smith: "Not disclosing is disclosing."
  • Inside baseball crosstalk re: Spending and Ethics.
  • Long discussion of her welfare expansion bill from the special session.
    • Sob Stories....
  • "I think I'm necessary" in the legislature.
  • Refuses to commit re: Speaker's race.
    • "I adore Dr. Zerwas."
  • In response to our question about the Kendal Briles hire: "Saddened by that decision."

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